Spirit of Europe - 31st May


Just booked this!

I am travelling alone and wouldn’t mind getting to know a few before the tour.

Anyone else doing this?


Yup I’m doing this one too. Good to know there are others going solo. :slight_smile:


Sounds good I can’t wait!

I’ll be in London from the 21st April and will be cruising around for a month or so watching football. What are your plans?

I’m 19 and from Sydney by the way.


Hi everyone,
My names Jess, I’m from Victoria- I’m joining the 31st May Spirit of Europe Trip in Rome on the 8th of June as part of the Eastern Spirit Tour- I pretty sure this is the connecting one. I’m travelling solo and arrive in Rome on the 7th- glad to find some people I’ll hopefully be meeting up with- If I’ve found the right group… :smiley: I’m so excited- I can’t wait for June to get here!


Good to hear Jess! Not long now.

Does your tour end in London as well?

Also is anyone else planning on taking a sleeping bag? Not too sure if it will be needed


Yes, I finish in London and am having a couple of days there to explore before I head to Turkey to join a uni tour.
I’ve bought a sleeping bag- but every one on the forums seems to be saying something different… its only small, so I might bring it anyway… don’t want to get there and be without bedding…


Hey Everyone,

I am doing this tour. I was just wondering from the people who did topdeck before, what to expect?