Spirit of Europe 31 July 2012


All booked in for Spirit of Europe 31 July 2012… who’s joining me?!


Hey, looking to do this one! will be my first time in Europe!


Awesome!! Let me know if you go ahead with the booking. Yeah I’ve only been to England and Scotland and this tour looks like the perfect way to get a pretty decent introductory taste!


I’ve already booked :slight_smile: Im joining u

Grettings from Mexico


Cool. See you on the 31st! Ridiculously excited!


I’m meant to be joining this group too. Everything is booked, but the friend I am meant to be going with may not be able to go now because of her new job. I’m still deciding whether I would go alone if she has to cancel, or whether I would cancel mine too. I’ve never been on holiday without anyone I know before and haven’t been away for a month either. It’s good to know there is at least one other person going alone and I’m sure there will be others.


the two best trips of my life were both with groups of strangers. its daunting at first, but worth it. I say do it!


Yeah, I think I will. I think I’m just a bit nervous I guess. If I have to go alone, it would be the first time and only the second time I’ve been overseas. I’ve never been on a group tour before. I think I’ll regret it more if I don’t go. Thanks for the advice. Will definitely keep it in mind.


Anyone else going alone?