Spirit of Europe - 30th July 2013


Hi :slight_smile: Just wondering if anyone else is going on the Spirit of Europe trip, departing from London on 30th July 2013?


Hey! I’m on this tour too! just booked it in!!! It looks awesome. Im from Sydney, Australia. Where about are you from?

Steve :slight_smile:


Hey … Im from Perth Australia and i’m thinking about booking these dates, really really excited about it, i’m also travelling alone. Are you guys travelling alone or with someone?

Claire :smiley:


Hi Claire, Im travelling alone!! Do it, its gonna be awesome:)

Where in Perth are you from?


Claire, You should also go onto Topdeck’s Facebook page and go to the ‘Meet’ Section. Search for the Spirit of Europe trip and there is a forum on there aswell. A good way to meet people on your trip :slight_smile:


Yeh I think i’m definitley going to do it :slight_smile: I’m from the city … where you from? Oh ok great thanks, i’ll have a look


Hi Steve and Claire :slight_smile:
I’m 22 and from the north of England near Manchester. I’m also travelling alone! So excited for the trip, never done anything like it before!
Shona x


I’ve just posted in the ‘meet’ section on Facebook too :slight_smile:


Im from Sydney on the Northern Beaches. Counting down the days until this trip :slight_smile:

23 and traveling alone. Is everyone staying at the Clink the night before?


Hey I’m from Sydney and also travelling on this trip on my own. Can’t wait! :slight_smile: