Spirit of Europe - 30th April 2013


Hi Everyone!

My name is Ash, I’ve just booked the Spirit of Europe trip departing on the 30th of April, I will be travelling solo and wondering who else is on this tour, also is anyone staying at the clink prior to the tour? :slight_smile:


Hi Ash, my name is also Ash. haha. I am from South Australia. I won’t be travelling solo but I do have a friend coming with me. I’ve spoken to 3 other people going on the tour so far, Jeremy from NZ and James and his fiancee from QLD. I’ve started a facebook page if you’d like to join - just look up “Spirit Of Europe 30th April 2013” and it should pop up - otherwise you can talk to us in the topdeck meet app. xx talk soon


Is the Clink the recommended pick up hotel for the tour, if so we will be staying there prior :slight_smile: We are flying out Saturday 27th and getting there on the 28th - 29th we are taking a tour to stonehenge for the day ready for the tour to begin on the 30th. Heaps excited!


Haha we’ll have to come up with nicknames! Nice, I’ll have a look for the facebook page
and yeah that’s the recommended accommodation, I’m staying there the night before the tour :slight_smile:


Haha yeah. I mean I am usually called Ash by everyone but we can sort it out next month! Cannot believe it’s only 7 weeks away! We are staying there then I think. :slight_smile: Hey, I’m not sure if everyone can see the page I made, I did set it to open group. Otherwise - feel free to add me on facebook “Ashleigh Jade Sickerdick” and then I can add you :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Tammi and I am also travelling solo on this tour. I am staying at the clink the night before we leave :slight_smile: