Spirit of Europe 2nd August - 25th


Hi everyone,

The trip for the “spirit of europe” on the 2nd of august says theres a garunteed departure.
So im assuming theres a fair few people already booked in for this trip.

Is there anyone else going on this trip?
i’d really like to get to know some people before hand!
so if your going on this trip, come say hello! :slight_smile:



hi blake,
im not going on the spirit of europe but my east meet west tour joins your tour in budapest. im going with two other girls.

well guess we might get to meet you




Myself and 4 other girl-friends have booked this tour and we are all very excited!!!




I have booked this tour, there are a few people on the topdeck facebook page who are going too.



Hi all,

I too have booked this tour, cant wait, it looks amazing!




My friend Sarah and I are going on this trip too! We are so excited, only 4 months away! Possibly the only Tasmanians on the trip too! Look forward to meeting you all. I’m on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=745728790

Ruth :wink:


Just bumping this up a bit! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone …

I’ve booked this too!! can’t wait.
I’m solo traveller so it’s nice to know there are some others who are going to be by themselves! ;D

I’ve got facebook too : http://www.facebook.com/#!/shanim

Also there is a thread on facebook that a couple of people have responded too


Hi Everyone

Im going on this tour as well:)

Has anyone received anything form Topdeck about the tour? Were we supposed to receive something letting us know accommodation, itinerary etc.



Hi Rebecca,

PM us your full name & email address & we’ll resend it to you. You Itinerary should be sent 6 weeks prior to departure.

If you booked with an agent it will have been sent to them.

Topdeck Team