Spirit Of Europe 2nd-25th of April 2013


Hi guys!!
Thought I’d start a thread for the Spirit Of Europe 2nd-25th of April 2013

. Anyone else heading off on this one? :slight_smile:



I am booked and keen for this one. I am flying into London a few days early (arriving the morning of the 30th) so if anyone is keen to travel around London before we go just let me know.


Ah totally missed this thread! I’m strongly considering this tour - for this date! It looks fantastic.

Are you guys travelling alone?


Yeah I am travelling alone, I only just realised there is a topdeck meetup app for phones that seems alot better than these forums. If you use that feel free to message on facebook.


Hi Sabrina,
Yes I am travelling alone! Never gone solo before so this should be interesting!! I’m excited though! Also doing a bit of solo travelling once the tour is finished.


Booked this trip today! :slight_smile: