Spirit of Europe - 29/sept 09


hi, anyone else on this tour???


Hi Quinny B[br][br]My name is Sarah and I am booked on this tour too. I am so relieved to finally meet someone doing this tour - I was beginning to worry that I would be the only one![br][br]Is this tour the only tour that you are doing or are you doing another one also? I am doing the Britain and Ireland tour before this one. They are both going to be so much fun - I can’t wait![br][br]Cheers[br][br]Sarah


Hey Sarah!!! My names Brooke, i was starting to wonder if i was going to get any replys at all such a relief!!![br][br]This is the only tour i’m doing, travelling off after though!![br]Where are you from and are you travelling solo or with mates??[br]Very pumped for this tour hella excited too Yay!!!


Hi Brooke[br][br]Nice to meet you. :slight_smile: I’m from Melbourne, Australia. Were are you from?[br][br]I am travelling solo. Are you travelling solo or with friends? Have you travelled before? I went over to Europe three years ago and loved it so I’m heading back over there to see the places I missed out on last time. I am even more excited to be going this time around because I know what I have to look forward to when I get there! We are gonna have such an awesome time![br][br]What made you decide to do the Spirit of Europe tour? [br][br]Speak again soon![br][br]Sarah[br][br][br][br]


Hey sarah , im from perth, australia!![br]plus im travelling solo!! first time overseas- bit nervous but more excited than anything…[br]are you travelling on after this tour??[br]Not really sure why i chose this tour it was eye catching i guess and u?[br]I wonder if anyone else will join our lil convo we got happening here!!


Hi Brooke[br][br]I hope you are well. Sorry about the delay in my response, I have been meaning to write back but haven’t had a chance until now. [br][br]I hope that we hear from other people doing our tour. It’s always good to know a few names before you get there. :slight_smile: Perhaps we will hear from other travellers closer to the date.[br][br]You must be so excited to be going to Europe for the first time. The good news is that it lives up to the hype! We will have a wonderful time. :slight_smile: I have been to a few of the places that we will be visiting on the Spirit of Europe tour before so I am happy to answer any questions that you might have about them. [br][br]If you would like to get to know one another a bit better away from the top deck message boards please let me know. I am on facebook or I can give you my email address. It sure beats spilling our guts on the message board for the whole world to see! haha.[br][br]Cya[br][br]Sarah[br][br]


Hello.[br][br]My name is Greta, I’m from Sydney and I’m also doing this tour solo.[br][br]I am so happy to meet others that are going, I was getting really nervous! [br][br]Can’t wait to go on the tour. It’s really nice to meet you Quinny B and Sarah :)!


Hi Greta.[br][br]It is nice to meet you. I was beginning to think that Quinny B and I will be the only ones on the bus! Are you doing any other tours before/after this one? I am doing the Britain and Ireland tour just before this tour. I am flying over to London in less than 2 weeks now, I really can’t wait! Have you travelled in Europe before or will this be your first time?[br][br]Cya[br][br]Sarah


Thats very exciting that you’re leaving for your trip so soon. I bet you can’t wait! [br][br]I am flying out soon too, just over two weeks. I’m also doing Ireland and Britain beforehand. I’m meeting some friends in Dublin and starting from there. [br][br]Are you staying at The Generator when you’re in London?[br][br]I went to Europe when I was much younger, looking forward to going back! Have you been to Europe? [br][br]Speak soon. [br]


Hi Greta[br][br]Only 9 days to go now. Yay![br][br]I have been over to Europe before. I did two Contiki tours back in 2006, one to Scandinavia and one along the Mediteranean coast. I chose the Spirit of Europe tour to do this time because it goes to all the places that I haven’t been to in between![br][br]That is cool that you are going to Ireland and Britian too. We will be able to trade stories when we meet up! I really hope that the weather is still warmish when we are there. I have heard that the Irish autumn is quite mild, about 16 degrees on average. It makes it hard to know what to pack, but I am crossing my fingers for some sunny days.[br][br]I will be staying at the Generator Hostel when I am in London. I have ten days free time in London between my tours and I will stay at the Generator the whole time. When will you be checking into the Generator? A couple of days before hand or just the night before?[br][br]Do you have any memories from when you last went to Europe? Will you stay on in Europe once the tour finishes?[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Sarah


Hi all!![br][br]I’m Hayley, 23 and live in Newcastle NSW and I will be joining you all on the Spirit of Europe.[br]A bit different to you guys in that I’m not a solo traveller, instead I’m a large group traveller as I’m completing this tour and trip with 10 of my friends. It started out with only three of us, but grew very quickly with a ‘more the merrier’ attitude towards this trip of a lifetime… 2009 must be a great year to travel to Europe!![br][br]Before the Spirit of Europe, we are doing the four day camping Oktoberfest tour from the 25th-28th in Munich, and we get into the Generator Hostel at 2pm on the 28th- so hopefully we will get a chance to meet some of you guys there.[br][br]After the tour we are staying in London for a week until the 29th of October, then the group splits up a bit with two going back to Aus, three going to France, four going to Spain and Greece and two of us hiring a car and road tripping through the UK- most of us are returning home early November.[br][br]Everyone is really looking forward to the trip, and especially forward to meeting all of you!! [br][br]The trip is apparently booked out now, so hopefully there is some contact from our fellow travellers!![br][br][br]hayley [br]