Spirit of Europe - 29 August


Hi![br][br]Looking for anyone travelling on this tour, am travelling by myself and would love to meet other people on trip before then.;D


Hola,[br][br]Yes Im booked and ready to roll for this bad boy adventure the same time on my own also. The savings plan is still in full swing so all should be tip top.[br][br]My name is Daniel and Im a boy too


Hey,[br][br]Are you living in London or travelling in from somewhere else?[br][br]Naomi


Well Naomi, I will be departing from Sydney as that is my home.[br][br]You are from (insert your home here)? [br][br]Daniel


Living in London, but from South Coast NSW. This is my final trip before having to head home after 2 years of living n London


Well well Naomi,[br][br]Looks like a fellow New South Welsher in the ranks on our adventure. Not long now I guess, Im all paid up and good to go. Maybe I should think about my replacing my headphones my rear wheel of my bike ate otherwise no ipod means i will punch,scratch,gouge,spit and curse for music on the bus.[br][br]I will take care of business, so all you fellow bus riders out there, im a sweet boy I tell you[br][br]D.


Hoping that all fellow travellers have great tunes to share… [br][br]


So any one else out there headed off on this trip?


just 2 weeks to go - is anyone else out there headed off on this trip?


well the time has come boys and girls![br][br]Im going on a jet plane and I do actually know when I’ll be back again…but nevertheless its on. Jet outta this city called Sydney morrow night and the adventure begins. [br][br]See you all across the Atlantic.[br][br]Ciao[br]Daniel