Spirit of Europe 28th June to 21st July 2016


Couldn’t find a post for this date so just wanted to find out who else has booked this tour? :slight_smile:
Look forward to meeting you all!


I will be on this tour!! I am so excited :smile:
What are your movements in the days leading up to the tour? I will be staying at Wombats for a couple of nights before we leave! I’m Allie by the way :blush:


Hi Allie
I am also staying at Wombats for a few nights before the tour leaves. (The 25th, 26th and 27th) I am travelling with my friend Hannah. We are from Perth :slight_smile: very excited!! Are you travelling solo? :slight_smile:


Oh cool! I am there for the 26th and 27th
Yep I’m travelling solo, bit nervous but also can’t wait!! :smile:
I’m from melbourne!
I guess we will meet in June! :smile:


Hi guys!

I’m coming on this tour as well! I’m travelling solo and from Brisbane.

Can’t wait to meet! :blush:


woohoo! its getting close now :smiley:


Hi everyone,

I am on this tour as well! I’m travelling solo from Melbourne, so I’m a little bit nervous but so excited and can’t wait to meet you all! I arrive in London on the 27th June and will be staying at Wombat’s the night before our tour leaves. I’m also spending a few days in London at the conclusion of the tour (21st July-25th July) as well and I’ll be staying at Wombat’s then too.

Does anyone know if there is a Facebook group for our tour group yet?


I don’t think so but there is a group chat going between a few people on the top deck app :slight_smile:
See you soon it’s getting so close!!


there is a facebook group! spirit of europe - june 28th 2016


Hi all! I’m traveling from Bathurst NSW, travelling solo and arriving in London on the morning of 24th. Staying at Wombat’s for the 4 nights before departure so looking forward to (probably!) meeting a couple of you before we kick off on the 28th!
Totally excited!