Spirit of Europe 28/07/09


Hey all, just wondering who else is going on the 28th of July Spirit of Europe - 4 of us Kiwis (2 couples) are going and then going to make a go of it in Edinburgh for a bit. Any tips for the tour?


you will have an absolute blast!! i am so glad i did the spirit of Europe tour!![br][br]I am really into history, so i loved looking at the historical things in Europe, but if ur into that as well, i highly reccommend going to Auschwitz and in Hungary go to the Terror Museum (can’t remember the exact name - but it will be on the sheets they give to you) It was aboyt the communist and nazi occupation in hungary - i have never been more grateful to be an aussie after going there!! its haunting, but worth it. The building is actually the location of the secret police!![br][br]Otherwise i recommend doing as many optionals as you can! Also try to go along with the group, the bonds you make in the beginning will be definately worth it throughout the second half of the tour!![br][br]Also (and i mean no offense in this at all) I seen that you are 2 couples… try to mingle with the group and try not to just stay in your own group, because you will isolate yourselves and it probably wont be as fun, we had a couple on the tour that isolated themselves and they were kinda stuck just being by themselves at the end cos they didnt want to knwo anyone in the beginning :slight_smile: That said, it doesnt mean people push away couples, cos its just not the case! we had quite a few couples on our tour, and i am best of friends with 2 of them!! (2 coupldes that is!!)[br][br]I hope you guys have a blast!! its such a great tour!![br][br]EDIT:[br][br]oh yeah, and dont book the edinburgh mini break through top deck - so not worth it!![br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Haha - magic, cheers for the heads up - yeah we said to each other that “no offence, but we are going on this to meet new people so be BOLD!!” I am very much looking forward to the history side of things as well (coming from a young country and all!)[br]Cheers,


See you guys on the trip![br]Where abouts in NZ r ya? I’m in Welly…


Hey, we’re all Cantabs. Its gonna be a mint trip!


I’m in![br][br]Is this bus going to be dominated by Kiwis?!?![br][br]Oh well, I can handle that![br][br]There is another thread going where a few people have mentioned they are on this tour.[br][br]Tis’ very exciting times!


Yeh its gonna be sweet - apart from the exchange rate, but whaddya gonna do?


Hey Sambo

My mate and I are in this trip. I started a post a few months ago and found a group of 5 going from adelaide. Are you staying at the clink before the tour starts. We are from Newcastle Australia