Spirit of Europe 27th September - 20th October 2016


Hey everyone,

Just wondering who else is going on this tour which is now only a few weeks away!

My name’s Chris from Sydney, travelling solo for the first time, and this will be my first Topdeck tour. I get into London on the 22nd of September, and after the tour finishes I plan on basically winging it for a month or so. I have nothing booked except return flights! I’m equal parts nervous and excited, having never done anything like this before!

Looking forward to meeting all of you soon :grin:


I’ve just booked myself onto this trip too! :slight_smile:
I’m from England, this is my first solo/topdeck trip, really excited for it!
See you soon :slight_smile:


Hey Guys

I am doing the Eastern Spirit tour which joins up with this tour in Rome. My first time too. Not far away now and I’m getting a little bit excited!

-Jeff from Newcastle. (Aus)


Is anyone in London yet? I’m staying at the wombat’s hostel from today until we get picked up :slight_smile: