Spirit Of Europe- 27th July 2010


Hi, Just wanted to see who is going on the Spirit of Europe tour departing on the 27th July till the 19th August?



No sorry. i’m on the sept 21st tour. Anyone else on this tour??? :slight_smile:


Hi Chrissy

I am on this tour, can’t wait. I am travelling with a mate and have spoken to a girl from Adelaide who is travelling with 4 friends. We are from Newcastle NSW. Are you staying at the clink pre tour. We will be there from the 24th.



Hello - I will be joining this tour in Rome on July 27th. Does anyone know when the ROME tour begins, eg date, time location? And where the accommodations are? Also, what time do we arrive in London on the last leg of the tour?

Thanks or any information as I am trying to book my flights


Hi Trev,

I am travelling on my own, I am little nervous, I am staying at the clink from the 24th also.

I live in Sydney, who are you flying with?



Hey Chrissy

Dont be nervous its gonna be so cool. We are flying with malaysian airlines. We get into Heathrow at about six in the morning. How long is your entire trip for? We are going for 6 weeks and planning on backpacking around the UK after the tour finishes. You can add me to facebook if you like just check out my profile and use my email address to add me then we can have a chat.



Hi Trev, I am flying with malaysian airlines aswell, I go home the day after our tour ends. I will add you on facebook. Chat to you there.



Hi Trev, I have tried to add you on facebook but for some reason it isn’t recognising your email address. If you like you can try to add me, my email address is in my profile.



Hey Christine

I tried to add you as well but could find you either. Just use my name Trevor Tutt. That is amazing that we are on the same flight. Small world hey. Im not looking forward to the long flight with only a 3 hour lay over.



See you guys on the bus in Rome!!
Contessa, i’ll PM you now