Spirit of Europe - 27 September tour


Hi all, isn’t the new Top Deck site great! I’m glad they’ve finally got this forum so we can all chat.[br]I’m heading off on the Spirit of Europe tour that starts on 27 September. I’ll be travelling with a mate from here in Australia but would really love to hear from anyone else who’s doing the trip.[br]I’m also keen to hear people’s feedback about this and other Top Deck tours in Europe.[br]I’d really appreciate any inside info on best places to visit, must-dos and nice places to eat when we’re not having a group meal.[br]Thanks![br]




hey Rebecca,[br]My names Nicola i’m from Perth and i’ll be joining you on the tour.[br]I’ll be travellin on my own so its great to be in touch with someone before we jump aboard the bus. I’m reading up on france at the moment - so much to seeeee goddammit![br][br]keep in touch!


Hi Nicola, I’m glad my friend Meg and I aren’t the only ones on this trip! We picked up our trip notes today and so far it all looks great. The places we’ll be staying all look nice and the ones that are a bit out of the way all seem to have shuttle buses, which is great.[br]So what’s Perth like, I’ve always wanted to go there?


hehe… just checkin out the itinerary as we speak! looks awesome, i can barely comprehend how im going to face the fact of returnin home, i’ve fallen in love with europe already.[br][br]yep, perths good eh, swing over when you’ve got a chance. i don’t know where you’re from but perths a bit like brissy. anyway. back to europe.[br][br]just some stats - im a 23 yr old draftsperson, fond of italian food, music, and fashion (design). there ya go![br][br]email me if ya wanna have a chat before we head off!


[br]hi there![br][br]all you guys will have an absolute ball, i have just recently finished the spirit of europe tour (16aug-9sep) (im from oz as well, but now working :frowning: and soon to be travelling europe again (on pounds this time):)[br][br]rebecca, for food, u must do the gelati in italy…we managed at least 1 or 2 per day!! [br]we found a delicious, cheap little italian resturant in prague. can’t remember the st name tho…sorry [br][br]the paragliding in austria is awesome, lots of the group did canyoning and all enjoyed it.[br][br]the trip up jungfrau mtn (swiss) was beautiful and worth the $$, if u have time, check out the pretty little ski towns on the way back down the mtn.[br][br]keep small change in your pocket for the loo… they can b just a donation or even up to 1 euro!!! [br][br]loved paris, venice, amsterdam…to name a few…[br][br]let me know if u have any other questions, ill try and help u out.[br]the “cook tent” food is fantastic, the places amazing…[br][br]happy travels everyone!!


Hi girls! I will also be on that tour - I’m from Adelaide (yup, another Australian!), and I’m headed over to the UK on a working holiday visa but wanted to have an Actual Holiday beforehand :slight_smile: I’m really excited - I fly out to London tomorrow![br][br]Anyway, see you on Tuesday! :slight_smile: