Spirit of Europe - 26th June 2012


[size=3][font=Book Antiqua]G’Day! Hello! Bonjour! Bongiorno! (Sorry, practicing already!)

I’m Shanny, and I’ve just booked and paid for this tour for Euro Summer 2012 - super excited! Is anyone else booking this tour? Hola if you are joining me on a trip of a lifetime!

:slight_smile: [/font][/size]


Hmmm…no one coming with me? Sweet, more room to stretch out on the bus for me!!! :wink:


Ahhhh sorry Shanny you gotta share with my buddy and I… We booked a while ago but just found this page lol… :stuck_out_tongue:


[font=Book Antiqua]Cool! The more the merrier! So, you’re travelling with a buddy? That’s supercool! Hey, if you want to ‘meet’ some of the other peeps coming on our trip, check out the TopDeck Facey page - find people on your trip - and look up our trip - we’ve got some cool peeps coming already and that’s how we keep in touch (so to speak). Looking forward to meeting you guys![font=Book Antiqua][/font][/font]