Spirit of Europe 26th July 2011


Hi Guys,

I just want to find out who is going on this tour.

I know I will definitely be there :smiley:




Joining on the 3rd of August when you hit Rome! woo!
So are 2 others who are posting on the forum under the “Eastern Spirit 2011 - 3rd August” thread.


Sweet as. Not long and I will be seeing you all on the way up from Rome


Hey guys,
I’m on this tour too; just booked it this week! So excited; I’ve never been O/S before and this trip looks amazingggg!!!


Hi All

ill be on this tour also, just over 2 weeks to go, cant wait

Anyone else on this tour, cant be just us few haha


Hi Guys,

I will also be on the Spirit of Europe tour. I am an Aussie but have been living in London since Feb. Can’t wait for a break from work and a great Summer holiday. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Stace :slight_smile:


HI Guys

i thought it would be a great idea to create a Facebook group for us to all meet each other before we meet up. if you know anyone else comming get them to also join the group



Nice one Koukz; I’ll let the people on the Eastern Spirit tour (joining our tour) know there’s an FB site. :slight_smile:

Packing up my stuff this week to fly out next Sunday - whoot!!! :smiley:


Hi Guys,

I am also on this tour! Quietly packing it, as its the first time I ever done anything like this :)! Ridiculously excited tho!!