Spirit of Europe - 25th May 10 - 17th Jun 10


Hi all,

My friend and I have booked to go the Spirit of Europe tour leaving London 25th of May 10.
Just wondering if anyone else has booked this tour??

Can’t wait,

Em :slight_smile:


Hi Em,

My friend and I have just booked this same trip leaving 25 May. We r so excited!!!
Where r u from??? We r from Sydney.

Peita ;D



I am booked on this tour as well! I’m from Melbourne and doing the tour solo. It will be my first time to Europe and UK and I can’t wait!

Are you staying at the Clink Hostel before?



Hi Peita and Trace,

Great to hear you will both be on the tour! I am counting down the days til I’m there!

Penny and I are both from Melbourne. It will be our first time in Europe/UK too!
We are yet to book accomm. for the night before but I’m pretty sure we are staying at Clink Hostel - is that the one where we leave from?

If you guys are on facebook feel free to add me!



Hi Ladies,

I can’t believe there is less than 3 months till out tour!!

My friend, Bec, and I are staying at the Clink Hostel for 2 nites before the tour starts (Em - our travel agent confirmed this is the place our tour departs from)

We r so excited as it is our first time to Europe/Uk also!

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Peita :slight_smile:


Hey Guys

Also be sure to join our group on Facebook! www.facebook.com/TopdeckTravel
You might find some other people on your trip and it’s also a good place to reunite with friends once the trip is over. You can put up photos, videos, comments or whatever you think might be interesting!

Have a great trip!

Topdeck Team


Hi :slight_smile:

I am also booked on this tour. I can’t wait.
I am also staying at the Clink 3 nights before the tour Peita and Bec :slight_smile: maybe I will meet you before the tour starts and we can look around London.


Hey all
My name is Dayna and i have booked into this tour as well
I am From Ulladulla (south coast NSW) and this will be my 1st time over seas eva!!
i will be leaving aus this sunday to satrt my travels and will be staying at the Clink for two nights prior and one night after the tour!!
im so very excited
cant wait to meet you all!!


Hey Dayna, how funny we are from the same place. We are looking at doing the European Discovery tour in July but are just finalising whether to do this one or one with another company. I was just wondering which local travel agent did you use to help you with this tour? Also, would you mind letting me know what you think of the tour? I did a contiki one about ten years ago and not sure if this is suited for a married 33 year old couple? Any input would be appreciated - have a ball!


Hey Kyles and Matty
What a small world this is ay!!!
I used Travel world. Janice is very helpful there.
I will definetly let you know how it goes.
I just got my itinery and there is sooo much more then what they say in the books!!
It honestly looks amazing!!
Im also going on a Cosmos tour around Italy if you would like me to let you know about that one as well then i will.
I hope you have a great time when you go over!!


Thanks Dayna, Janice is who I am seeing too - she gave me the brochure otherwise I hadn’t even heard of them. Have an awesome time and I look forward to getting your input on whether you think it would be suitable for us oldies as well. Enjoy!!!


Ha Ha your really not that old!!
Yeah i hadn’t heard of them till Janice told me either!!
No problem and thanks heaps


Hi everyone!

It’s just over 3 weeks till our tour starts! Woo Hoo!!

I’ll be staying at Clink Hostel the night before the tour so it’ll be great to catch up that night!

Now I just need to organise and pack my suitcase!