Spirit of Europe 25 Sept. 2007


Is anyone else going on this tour?[br]:slight_smile:


im going on the european getaway but i guess the countries are more or less the same, how much additional money per day are u budgetting?


[quote]Originally posted by Courtwazza[br]
Is anyone else going on this tour?[br]:)[br][/quote][br][br][br]Hey[br][br]Im goin on the spirit of Europe as well. Im so excited. It should be heaps awesome. [br][br]U meeting in London?


Hi,[br][br]I have just been on this tour and it was fantastic!! The Topdeck crew was awesome!! The countries it covers are great and very diverse. Well worth doing!! You will have a ball!![br][br]Have fun!![br][br]Cheers[br][br]Fern[br][br]


this is the tour i want to do next year :smiley: is anyone doing a blog or something?? i would love to read about it!!


This is a blog written about the Spirit of Europe trip in 2007:[br][br]
[br][br]Enjoy![br][br]Best wishes,[br][br]Anita


oh wow thanks!! iā€™m going to check that out!!![br][br]yay!!