Spirit of europe 24th of june


Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone has booked in spirit of europe for june 24th. i’m a lone traveller and would love to hear from anyone doing this tour on this date
Kristina :slight_smile:


We are doing the Eastern Spirit on 2 July, so im pretty sure we will be joining up with that tour in Rome :slight_smile:


WOOOO!!! i’m not alone!
do you know anyone else doing this tour on the 24th? it says its guaranteed departure but i havent found anyone else doing the tour on this date :frowning:


I am also alone doing this tour. Yay I found someone else too. When do you get into London and how long are you staying there? Where abouts are you from?


:slight_smile: :wink: ;d b-) :stuck_out_tongue: :-*


wooo! i am getting to london on the 17th of june. wbu??
I’m from perth :slight_smile:



I am also doing this tour by my self. It’s nice to know that i’m not the only one doing it alone! I’m still looking at places to stay at just before the tour leaves london, do you guys have any suggestions for hostels?
Cheers, Jess


I’m staying at clink…its the place topdeck suggested to me and its where the tour picks up and drops off at (im pretty sure). its $46 aus i think a night.
Ill be in london from the 17th so if either of you are in london before the tour it’d be awesome to meet up before we start if you guys are keen?


i’m still not sure when i will be going to london, but i will be there a couple of days earlier so definitely keen to meet up :slight_smile:


yeh fair enough. awesome. have u sorted out where u want to stay yet?


i’ve just looked at the clink hostels and there are two different ones? do you know which one we all meet at?


sorry i have no clue! i just asked topdeck to organise pre and post accomodation for me so not sure which one im staying at or which one it starts at but my understanding is they are close together anyway?


Hey there! I’m also joining this tour on my own! :-[ I’d love to meet you guys or at least know someone before we head off! I’m so excited! I’ll be arriving in London on the 19th and thinking about staying at the Clink B-) Anyone want to chat add me on facebook: Natalie Amor :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


yeah i think you are right, i’ll find out for sure when i arrive. i’m staying for the 22 and 23rd so i will see you guys then :slight_smile:


yay! jess are you staying at clink after all??
if anyone is interested in chatting PM me and ill send you my email address to add me on fb if ur keen :slight_smile:
its getting close yay!


Is anyone taking their laptop with them on the tour? I have one that I will be bringing over to the UK but I was thinking of leaving it with a friend… Not sure if I should bring it or not! Any suggestions?


i’m not planning to. is there a specific reason why you need it i.e. work?? coz if so then maybe bring it but i probably wouldnt unless its an absolute MUST


Good idea! I really can’t be bothered lugging it around!! I’m sure there’ll be plenty of internet cafes and kiosks!