Spirit of Europe 24th May 2011


Hiya all,

I’m Jono from Brisbane, Australia. Just starting this new post to try catch up with anyone who is also heading on the Spirit of Europe trip starting on the 24th May.



Hi Jono, I’m doing this tour as well. I was thinking of starting this thread myself as I couldn’t see anything either. I can’t believe how quickly it has come around. Not too much longer now.



Hi Jules,

I can’t wait for this trip to start. I’ll be in London for 2 nights staying at the Clink before our tour heads off. When it’s done I’m off to Ireland to do an 8 day tour there.


Hi Jono and Jules,
I’ll be on the tour, too. I’ll be staying at the Clink the night before the tour starts.
Looking forward to meeting you soon!


Hi Tina,

Great to hear from you. Has anyone done tours like this before? I’ve travelled before but not on a tour like this.


I am travelling alone and haven’t done anything like this; can’t wait!


I’ve never done a tour before either. I’ll be doing the Britain/Ireland one before this one, so will be at the Clink for the night before this starts.


That’s great Jules, you’ll be able to give me a heads up on things worthwhile to do in Ireland then.


I did a similar tour in New Zealand with Flying Kiwi a couple of years ago. It was great fun!
Can’t wait until this one starts:-)


I’ll do my best with the recommendations Jono :). How long are you staying in the UK after the tour?


I think I have one night at the Clink Hostel after our Europe tour, then fly to Dublin the next day. I’ve got a night there to myself then the 8 day tour starts and I fly back to Brissy the afternoon that tour finishes.


That sounds as full as mine. I arrive the day before my UK tour, then have 2 days free before our Europe one and then fly home the day after it ends.


Hey guys! Im on this tour also. caaaaannot wait! :slight_smile: i be in the clink 3 nights before the tour. Im heading USA first for 2 weeks then europe…then after the europe tour doing a 7 day greek island cruise…did i mention i cant wait!!! haha


where u from in NZ matt?


Hi Guys
Thought I’d better enter into the conversation. Looking forward to the 24th of May, escaping the winter, Yay.
Anyone keen for Spain afterwards, running of the bulls?? Well, maybe watch other people running with the bulls…


i will be keen to try running with some bulls!

also, i am from the magical fairly land otherwise known as hamilton.


I may have to wait for another year to let a bull try and kill me i think.


I’m jealous! I was originally going to go on a tour that went through Spain when the running of the bulls was on and it was definitely on the list to see. One of my work friends participated a few years ago and he said it was an awesome experience.


Is anyone heading on the Celtic Trail tour by any chance, leaving Belfast on the 24th of June? I’ve just booked it. Might as well go broke travelling.


hey :slight_smile:

my friend sara and i are on this tour as well!
we’ll also be staying 1 night at the clink the night before the tour starts, so hope to meet some of you there :slight_smile: