Spirit of Europe 24th April


Hey guys!! just wondering who else is doing the Spirit of Europe trip on the 24th of April? im going solo from Melbourne, Aus, and am interested to see who else will be joining :slight_smile:


Hi Beth, I’m doing the same tour. Travelling solo from Brisbane.


I’m doing it too,travelling solo from Sydney :smiley:


Ah nice! @ZoeElliott and @beth.sweeney when will you be arriving into London?


Oh great!! I’ll be in London from the 20th what about you both?


@beth.sweeney I will be arriving into London on 22nd April but will be staying for an additional 5 days once the tour is over.


Cool I’m travelling for another month after the tour :slight_smile:


I will be on this trip. Leaving from Brisbane as well :slight_smile: travelling solo as well.