Spirit of Europe 24 April- May 17 2018


Hey Everyone! My name’s Zoe and in April 2018 I’ll be moving to the UK to live and work! I have booked my first tour, a Topdeck Spirit of Europe from 24 April-17 May 2018 and I’d be keen to meet anyone who will also be on this tour (or is moving to the UK around then!). I’m from Sydney, Australia and will be travelling solo :smile: :sunny:


I have booked the same tour but in March (possibly changing it to a later date as its not guaranteed yet) but I’m doing the exact same thing as you. I’m from Nelson Bay (Newcastle) Australia!!


Oh how cool! If you do end up changing it to the April one let me know!! :smile: Shoot me a message on here or on FB if you want to chat about moving to the UK!! :airplane:


Hi Zoe,

I’m Alex - I’ll also be on the same tour travelling solo from Moree, NSW :slight_smile:


Super exciting!! See you in a few weeks :grin::grin::grin: