Spirit Of Europe - 23rd June


Hey there,[br][br]is anyone going on the spirit of Europe leaving on the 23rd of June?[br][br]Cheers Shelley


Hi Shelley,[br][br]I’m doing this tour on the 12th May 2009. It looks like a very good tour. I’m sure you will like it. Pitty you ain’t doing that one ;-)[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Craig[br][br][br][quote]Originally posted by tinydancer[br]
Hey there,[br][br]is anyone going on the spirit of Europe leaving on the 23rd of June?[br][br]Cheers Shelley [br][/quote]


Hi Shelly![br][br]YES I AM, My best bud and I are doing the 23rd June.[br][br]YAY WE FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE![br][br]Where are you from?[br][br]Spirit of Europe 24th June 2009


I’m from Sydney - according to my schedule i join the group in Rome on July 1st - im doing the Eastern Spirit leg of the tour![br]How exciting!!


We are from Perth.[br][br]We are starting in Paris. [br][br]I guess we’ll see you in Rome - Rome looks very exciting![br][br]Spirit of Europe 24th June 2009


Awesome!! I can’t wait!!


Hi guys!!![br]My friend and I are going on this one too :)[br]We’re from Perth and starting in London, going all the way , so excited. [br]How old are you guys?[br]Rachael


Hi Guys,[br][br]My mate and I are going on the trip, we are from Perth as well![br][br]Definitely looking forward to the trip. We are starting from London also so will see you all there![br][br]Thanks[br][br]Brian


oh btw is anyone staying in the generator hostel before or after the trip?[br][br]hope everyone had a good easter![br][br]Not long now…


yeah we’re staying at the generator.[br]from the 20th i think at the start and the night we return i think thats it tho :slight_smile: [br]u guys are too?[br]I saw they have a free walking tour thing, thats pretty cool as I haven’t seen london before.[br]BTW I don’t know if you guys will know or not but it seems most places will be hot but the itinerary says Switzerland has an ice palace/glacial skiing… does this mean it will be colder there?[br]Ta


Hi Rachel and Brian :)[br][br]Great, more people from Perth :)[br][br]My best friend and I are both 22, and both turning 23 on the trip :)[br][br]We are more interested in seeing the sites and museums than drinking the tour away.[br][br]We are starting in Paris a couple of days early, so we can have more time there. We are staying at the Globtrotter in London at the end.[br][br]Yes it will be Europes “Summer” but as we are from Perth, I would say it will not be hot for us. About high 20’s is the temp during June and July. Switzerland will be cooler. Just means no snow on the ground, but still on the peaks, and temp will not be below 0.[br][br]Hope that helps :)[br][br][br]Spirit of Europe 24th June 2009


Yeah that’s great thanks.[br][br]I’m having trouble thinking about what clothes to take. I usually feel the heat more than the cold but I don’t want to be too hot or too cold haha[br][br]My friend and I are both 19 turning 20 later in the year. [br]We’re the same as you Tahlia, don’t want to drink it away lol can’t wait to see some of those sights everyone talks about!![br][br]Will be exciting for you two to have birthdays on the trip!![br][br]It’s so close now!! :slight_smile:


Hey![br][br]I can’t believe how many people from Perth there are on this trip! My friend and I are also from Perth and are going on this trip the whole way around. And we are staying at the generator hostel before and after. We are both turning 18 this year.[br]What are you all doing about sleeping bags?


Hi Kellie, [br]Yeah its great to see lots of Perth people![br]I think one of the great things about these trips is meeting new people :)[br][br]I bought a new sleeping bag because mine was like… HUGE lol it was a little pricey maybe $80 but its tiny and weighs less than a kilo lol anaconda in innaloo and kathmandu in peppi grove are good places to look at stuff like that. [br]The effort might be in getting the bag back into its little container thing lol[br][br]I also got a sleeping sheet thing, thats meant to go inside the sleeping bag but it was cheap and if its too hot it may be useful.[br][br][br]


Thanks Rachael =) I might go and have a look at the sleeping bags, because I’m like you, my sleeping bag is HUGE! It would be so much easier to have something small and light.


Hey All,[br][br]Created a group on facebook for everyone going on the tour![br]if you have facebook please join as my sister and i are interested to meet people going on the tour and from what i see alot of people from perth are going which is excellent![br][br]The group is called[br]Spirit Of Europe 2009 - June 23rd[br][br]Add me though … Kelly Ellison[br]cyaaa


From what research I have done, which is quite alot, LOL. [br][br]We will only need the liner of the sleeping bag. As I have read that the night will be hot. [br][br]I was going to buy a fleece liner, but it was $100.00 just for the liner, so im going to spotlight to buy the fabric and make one. As I rarely go camping, I will never use one if I buy a proper one.[br][br]Im joining that page.[br][br]WOW so many Perth people![br][br]Spirit of Europe 23rd June 2009


Hi,[br][br]Kelly101175 - DW I found you :)[br][br]If anyone else is having problems, look at her top deck profile, there is a link to her facebook account [br][br]:slight_smile:


hey im going on this tour on the 23rd on june :slight_smile: cant wait … seems like some of us will get along cause im also not to interested in drinking the night away… i wanna see more of the sites and culture :slight_smile: can not wait :)[br][br]janique


Hi Jneak,[br][br]If you have facebook, join Kelly101175’s profile and join the group :)[br][br]Spirit of Europe 23rd June 2009