Spirit of Europe 22 may


Hey all,

I’m heading on the spirit of Europe trip on the 22 may. Is any one else going on this trip? I’m from new Zealand.


Hi Ashleigh!

I’ll also be on this tour - glad to have finally found someone else! My name’s Louise and I’m from Australia. I can’t wait - should be heaps of fun B-)


Awesome!! Same here. Getting very excited!! :slight_smile:


G’day Ashleigh and Louise,

I’ll also be on this tour, glad to have found two other people! My name is Carlo and I’m counting down the days - last check 35 days! Really excited for this thing, have you guys received your itineraries/accom details yet?



hi Carlo!

No not yet, but i have looked at the itinerary online. I’ll be staying at clink 78 hostel in the days prior to the trip. Catching up with a friend who just moved to London.


Hey guys
glad ive found some others who are going on this tour too.
im staying at clink 78 hostel the night before too, oh good i feel better that im not the only one who hasnt got the itinerary yet lol
:slight_smile: Luana


Hi Ashleigh/Louise/Luana,

I will be flying up 4 days before the tour starts and will be staying at the Clink78 hostel too. I’m looking forward to catching up with a handful of people I used to work with, all who are currently working in London. Have you give some thought to organising day tours whilst in London? I was inclined to work this out over there…

A random question - have you guys thought about the possibility of going to the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix? Call it a coincidence or good planning, we will be in Monaco on race day and I’m thinking of going.

Only 34 days to go…



Hi luana! Glad to have someone from home coming along :slight_smile:


Not really from what I understand we get a hop on/ off bus and underground ticket…not sure how much that covers. Basically just winging it lol. I have some key things I want to do, but only limited to 3 days. Had no idea about the race, sounds cool. Just have to wait and see I guess


Hi Ashleigh,

Yeah my mum and dad suggested the hop on/off ticket as they were in London just recently. I guess we’ll work it out soon enough!

Will you be hanging around in London after the tour or going home straight away?



I fly out the next day. Probably should have had another few days in London, but with the olympics I thought it would be crazy busy.


i fly up two days before but the first night im staying in another hotel.
ive been told to do the hop on hop off tour too, if its part of it thats cool.

i didnt even know about the race either but yea will have to see i guess.

glad to have someone from home too :slight_smile:
im leaving the next day too


Hey luana!

The hop on/off is part of the accommodation package at the clink hostel, check with your hotel because you might be able to get one. Seems to be the easiest way to see key attractions. i Depart on the 17th outta chch, coming home i fly into Auck. what airline are you with?


Hey Ashleigh

oh really ill have to check that out for sure, cos i think ill like to do that.
i leave the 19th out of chch, there and back im just stoping in singapore for a few hours each time.
Singapore Airlines.


oh awesome im flying Singapore airlines too. i have one night in Singapore there and back


Hi all,
I won’t be coming back with you guys to London, as I will be finishing up the tour in Amsterdam
I’m spending an extra 2 weeks to catch up with my friends in Germany, so will be jumping on a train from Amsterdam.
Do you guys know if we are allowed to bring a trolley suitcase or does it have to be a backpack?


that sounds awesome Carlo. I think that’s ok. From what i remember reading suitcases are ok as long as they are not the hard case ones. If you look up the Spirit of Europe trip on the Top Deck website they have pdf files down the right hand side with some information. One of them has the size and weight of what we can bring, and a guide of what kind of clothing should be bought. Also all the information about making sure you have insurance policy on you and making copies of important documents. http://www.topdeck.travel/euroclub_pre-departure_2012-13.pdf


Ashleigh, oh sweet. staying a night there and back in singapore will be cool, kinda wish i was doing something like that or staying on somewhere after.

Carlo, yea i too think a trolley suitcase will be fine as long as its within the size and weight and not a hard case one, which tells you the size details etc in the link ashleigh has put up. im planing on taking a tolley suitcase. going back to germany for an extra 2 weeks will be fun.


Hi guys,

Thanks for all that info - yeah I guess the size limits are mentioned for a reason. Plus a camping style backpack would be a pain to pack and unpack, since we’re on the move so much. I’m flying Emirates so have the luxury of 30kg for the trip home, albeit limited to 20kg during the length of our tour

I contacted a consultant in Top Deck for our accom/itinerary, but she was unable to provide the details. The information pack, however, has been sent to our respective travel agent. I guess it is just a case of following up with them

Keep you guys posted



Lucky an extra 10 kg would be perfect for a the trip home!! Thanks Carlo, I plan on catching up with mine in the next two weeks so guess I pick all that stuff up then :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

I spoke to my travel agent earlier today, but she still hasn’t received the travel documents

Will keep you updated once I hear more