Spirit of Europe 21st Sept -14th Oct


I keep checking everything to see if i need any visas but i feel uncomfortable until someone else can tell me No i dont. Any one recently gone on this tour?, what will the weather be getting like?, are the hostels warm enough? Anyone else coming on this tour?


I’ll be on this tour. very excited! are you travelling alone or with friends?

I have a uk youth mobility visa but that is only because i am staying on and working in london. So i’m not too sure about if you are just travelling for a few months… go to this website http://ukinaustralia.fco.gov.uk/en/visiting-uk/visas/ it is where i found all my information and where i applied for my working visa.

Hope this helps.


thanks i will give that a go, Im excited too Ill be traveling with my partner, ill see you there! :slight_smile:


Hey I’ll be joining this tour in Rome - apparently the Eastern Spirit tags onto the end of this trip? I’m getting really excited. I was just looking on the Topdeck site and Australian’s don’t need visas from this trip if you want to double check though this is the address - http://www.topdeck.travel/visas
Michelle - I’m staying on in London as well. Are you already there?


hey bec

no i arrive in London on the 17th September so staying with a friend for a few nights then at the clink on the 20th (night before the tour) i am also staying there the night we get back. I havent organised anything after then because i’m not too sure what i want to do yet! whether i want to keep travelling or find a place to live and look for work… really i’d love to keep travelling but will have to see how the finances are!

have you got a place to love or just looking after the tour?


i meant live!! haha not love


bumping it up


Hey sorry I thought that I’d get an email if you replied to my message ooops! Yes I’ve got a place to live! I’m staying in Tooting Bec with some relatives of mine. I arrive on the 13th of September (only 14 more days!!!). I head to Rome on the 25th of September and I’m doing a few days trips to Naples/Pompeii and Assissi and Orvieto. I’d love to keep traveling too Michelle but I hadn’t even planned on doing a tour at all, I only booked about 3 weeks ago.


I’m also travelling on this trip! Very excited!
I’m gonna be staying at the Clink Hostel the night before the trip as well.
Looking forward to meeting you guys. :slight_smile:


good to hear of someone else who is on the trip! not long to go now! bit worried because i am supposed to fly out of australia in 3 days and i have had an ear infection which has cleared but my ear is still blocked! so fingers crossed i can get on that plane!!! So hopefully be meeting everyone in a weeks time!