Spirit of Europe - 21st May 2012 (HTCE)


Hi all,
My name is Stacy and i have just booked the Spirit of Europe trip departing 21st May 2013 and will be travelling solo.
Just wondering who else is going on this tour?
Would love to get to know people before hand :o)



Hi Stacy and all other travelers,
My name is Sue and I will be joining you of this trip along with a friend (Grant). We will be departing Melbourne on the 17th, so we will have a few days to explore London prior. When are you flying out?


Hi Sue,
That’s great, I look forward to meeting you both.

I fly out of Brisbane on the 18th May and will have 2 nights in London before we start the tour.
Have you or Grant travelled overseas before?


Hey guys!

My name is Sinead and I will also be on this tour. I’ll be travelling solo too Stacy!

I leave Brisbane in early May, heading to Turkey first. I arrive in London on the 19th May so I’ll have a couple of nights free before the tour starts.

I’ve done a little bit of travel outside of Aus/NZ - the Pacific Islands and South-East Asia mainly. But this will be my first time abroad going solo so it’ll be great to get to know some people prior to the tour!

Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:



Hi Ladies

[size=2]HAPPY NEW YEAR!!![/size]

Both Grant and I have travelled separately to the US.
How long will you both be away for? We will be flying out of London on the 30/6 to return to Melbourne on the 2/7.


Happy New Years!!!

Hey Sinead,
Cool you get into London the same day i do. :slight_smile:

Sue i fly back from London on the 17th June and land in Brisbane on the 19th

Is everyone staying at The Clink prior to the trip?

What has everyone got planned for after the tour ends?


Happy New Years! :slight_smile:

Yep Stacy I’m staying at the Clink Hostel 19th-21st May but haven’t booked anywhere post-tour yet. How about you guys?

My ticket is open-ended at the moment. I am thinking of staying on a while longer… travelling around and working. I am heading to the Glastonbury musical festival in late June so I have a few weeks free post-tour… I just haven’t figured out what I am doing yet!


I haven’t booked the post accom. just yet.
I am meant to fly out of London on the 17th but debating if i should set it further back :slight_smile:
I would really love to go to Ireland and Wales, just have to see if i have the time and money for it hehee.

What part of the tour is everyone looking forward to the most?


Hey Girls,

Sorry for not replying sooner.
Grant and I haven’t booked any accommodation prior or post tour yet :expressionless: and we haven’t decided on what direction we will head after the tour. Currently I’m in two minds…book something soon (like a Shamrocker tour of Ireland) or wing it.
My problem is I want to see it all… England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, but time and money will decide what I end up covering. Plus who knows we might even want to head back to one of the city’s we visit during our tour i.e. Pairs via the Eurostar for a few days.

Stacy you asked what I’m looking forward to most and to be honest I cannot give you one answer. The whole tour just looks fantastic.
I’m getting so excited… B-)


Hi All

My name is Simone and I am booked on this tour too!!!

I will be travelling alone, and I will be flying out of Brisbane on the 17th or 18th of May.

I am booked to stay the few nights before the tour at the Clink, so would be great to explore London with anyone who it there at the same time.

Can’t wait for my holiday to begin!


Hello everyone!

My name is Kelli, and I just booked the trip yesterday. I will also be arriving in London from the US a day or two before the tour starts and staying at the Clink. I should be going with a friend from home, but I might be in London solo at first. I would also love to explore with anyone there at the same time!

Looking forward to the trip!!


Hey Simone and Kelli… welcome :slight_smile:

I arrive in London on the 19th and would love to explore with whoever might be interested.

This month has gone quickly for me…hopefully it will continue like this and before i know it i will be leaving on a jet plane :smiley:


[quote=40370]Hi all,
My name is Stacy and i have just booked the Spirit of Europe trip departing 21st May 2013 and will be travelling solo.
Just wondering who else is going on this tour?
Would love to get to know people before hand :o)


Hi Stacy,
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Hi Stacey and Kelli

Looking forward to meeting you guys, and exploring London before the trip starts.

Stacey, what airline are you flying with?


Hey sorry for the delay.
I’m flying with Singapore airlines. :slight_smile:


Hey ladies - sorry I haven’t checked in for a while. I get to London on the 19th May too, staying at the Clink. Keen to meet up and explore London too! Not long to go now… Cant wait :slight_smile:


Hello fellow travelers!
My partner and I have booked this tour. We are both really excited!
We live in WA. Will depart Perth the 16 th May and head to Dubai for 3 days. We land in London on the 20th and are staying at the Clink Hostel.
Post the tour I plan to spend a week in London and my partner will fly home due to work obligations.
We look forward to getting to know you guys on here then meeting you all in MAY!
Amanda :slight_smile:


Hi all,

My name is Ash…looking forward to meeting you all on this tour!

I leave Melbourne on 19th May and will be staying at the Clink on the 20th.

This will be my first solo trip (feeling scared & excited all at the same time!) - not too sure how long I’ll be away for - hoping to explore a bit more after the tour and hopefully find some work.



Hi Everybody!

My name is Kiersten. I’m from Vancouver, Canada and am 25 years old. I just booked this trip. I’m super excited and a little nervous. This will be my first solo trip. I look forward to meeting all of you in a couple of months :slight_smile:


Hi my name is Marlia and my friend Chelsea and i will be on this tour! it’s our first time to Europe and we are sooo excited!
We are coming all the way from Adelaide in Australia so i’m looking forward to meeting everyone! :slight_smile: