Spirit of Europe 21st July 2009


Hey all,[br][br]Anyone else coming along on the Spirit of Europe Tour commencing 21st July? ;D[br][br]Kel [br]Bris Vegas, Australia


I am!!! can’t WAIT![br]When are people arriving? [br]Anyone sticking around London after the tour in finished?[br]Thinking I might go with the flow and explore Britain before I have to fly back home…


Flight leaves July 16, so got a few days to explore :)[br]So much I wana c in London… the london dungeon, some theatre, Tower of London, Medieval feast… I’m gona b so broke :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey all! I sent private msgs 2 u… did they go through?!


Hi[br][br]Ive just booked this tour, cant wait!! [br][br]Anna


Heya,[br][br]Yeah I am leaving Australia on the 10th July so will be in London for 9 days before the tour starts.[br][br]Only 9 weeks to go I can’t wait!!![br][br]Kel


Nice! I leave July 16, so have a few days to explore London before we go. So much I wana c in London![br]Really want to go to Phantom of the Opera, London Dungeon, Tower of London and London Bridge, if anyone keen to join?!


Heya,[br][br]Tis I again! May I ask how old you guys all are? I have a feeling I am going to be the oldest on this tour (28) HAHAHA!!! [br][br]It’s my first time travelling and about time I say. Better late than never hey![br][br]Kel ;D


So cool to chat before the tour :)[br]I’m 22, but apparently mature for my age… (Or so I’ve been told…Kinda have to be… I work in emergency services!)[br]U guys on facebook? [br]I don’t think private messages work on this site, have seen comments in other forums which indicate this.[br]Man, I’m so excited/scared… the tour is so close, yet so far at the same time!


Hi[br]Think ive just added you on facebook Nicky, my facebook add is annaturton1@hotmail.co.uk. [br][br]Im getting excited now, not long to go! Im 21 by the way. [br]Anna


Hey [br][br]My hotmail for facebook is kelsiewills@hotmail.com if you want to add me.[br][br]Cheers


and mine: nicolebennik@hotmail.com :slight_smile: