Spirit of Europe 21st August 2012


Hi Everyone!

I’ve just booked my spot on the Spirit of Europe tour leaving on the 21st August 2012 ;D
I will be traveling solo so if anyone else on here has or is booking this trip let me know!
It’d be awesome to get to know some people before hand!!

Cheers Lizz :slight_smile:


Hi Lizz

Me and my friend Lauren will be joining you :slight_smile:

We’ll be meeting up with the tour in Paris.

We’re 20 and from Sydney!




I am currently booked on the Grand European departing 21/8/12 but it’s not guaranteed departure. This one suits me too and is guaranteed so I reckon I’ll change over. I’m also travelling solo, so yeah would be good to get to know some peeps before hand :slight_smile:

When are you arriving in London Lizz? I’ll be flying in 17/8/12, I haven’t booked my accomodation yet but will definitely be staying at Clink the night before :wink:

Anyone else going to Oktoberfest after this tour? :wink:



Oh awesome! Sooo glad Im not gonna be on my own lol

I fly out on the 18th of August from Melbourne and Ill be staying at the clink hostel until the tour leaves then Ill be there a few days afterwards as well and I land back in Melbourne on the 19th of September ( i thinks!)

I wont be going to Oktoberfest , but itd be cool to have some people to explore London with !!! I dont really know where to start!

Is this everyones first Europe trip???


It’s my first Euro Trip as a ‘grown up’, but I’ve been to Scotland 3 times and France once. Really looking forward to it :slight_smile:

My other tour starting the same day as this is still not a guaranteed departure, so as we get closer to August I suppose it’ll be more and more likely that I’ll end up on your tour. If yours goes ‘Limited Availability’ I will make the switch as I don’t want to miss out if mine gets canned :-/

I’ll be booking into the Clink too for the nights of 17-20 August so will give you a shout closer to August ;D 5 months and 10 days to go!!



wow don’t start a count down yet hahaha it’ll make me stress about having not much cash saved yet!


Ok you can start a count down now - trips all paid for , not just to save spending money ;D


Hi guys!

Myself and my friend Alexa are booked on this trip also :slight_smile: We will be staying at the clink the night before and most likely for a couple of nights afterwards before we move onto Greece.

Counting down now!!!


thats exactly what im doing - i think I arrive like a day and a half before the trip leaves - so if anyones keen to catch up before the trip that’d be awesome , and explore London!