Spirit of Europe 21 August 2012


Hi all!

Is anyone else doing the Spirit of Europe on the 21st of August? There seem to be quite a few other travels doing the same tour, but on a different date! Will it just be the tour guide and myself on the bus?



Nope, Im booked on that tour too! I started a thread on here a while ago - theres a couple of people coming - so no you wont be on your own :slight_smile:


A friend and i just booked this tour, im so excited!!! :slight_smile:


woohoo , awesome !


Thats great guys! What is everyone’s plans before and after the tour? Anyone planning to head to Oktoberfest?


Ill be in London a few days before and after the trip - that’s all Ive planned at the moment


Hello! Im going to be on this tour too! SO excited


Yeh dude, will be at this tour! Staying at the Clink the night before too.


Not long to go now guys! Getting more and more pumped!!


Just jumped on this train! - Looking forward to it BNE, AU.


At the four week countdown, whoop whoop! Thought i’d drop in & say hi ;D Also staying at the clink prior


Im gettin excited now! Cant wait to meet everyone! :slight_smile:


Not much longer to go now! I’m on this tour too, can’t wait!


Just booked it last minute today. Pumped for it!!