Spirit of Europe 20th Jun 06


Hi Guys,[br][br]I’m 18, from Brisbane and will be going on this tour in 6 weeks with my bestie. I’ll be turning 19 on the 23 Jun while where in Switzerland, so free drinks for me! lol. Especially looking forward to Amsterdam and the ‘coffee shops’ as well as Salzburg, I’m a music nut, so to see where Mozart lived will be awesome. Just wondering who else is doing a Spirit of Europe tour and what your looking forward to??? :-[


Hello People[br]I’m 31 from Queensland Australia and I am off to backpack Europe for a few months the first time in June. I am a women travelling alone so I thought I would start with an organised trip, so I will be on the Spirit of Europe tour on the 20th June. I am very interested to find out who else Im going to be partying with for a month! Anyone staying at the Globetrotter Inn prior to departure?


Yay![br][br]I got a reply. Hi there, me and my mate will be arriving in London on the 19th at like 6am then we spend one night in the Globetrotter Inn. After the tour we spend 4 nights at the Inn and then head off for the Edinburgh Break. Can’t wait.[br][br]Jules


Hi Jules and Kellie[br]I’m 28 from Ballarat. I’m doing the Europe Uncovered leaving on the 20th but I’ll be at the Globetrotter the night before. I’m also travelling alone. Keen to meet up.[br]Sarah


Hi Sarah Hi Jules[br]I will be at the Globetrotter from the 14th June so we can definately meet up before our trips…I am getting more and more excited every day…cant wait! See you in London![br]Kellie


By the way Jules, I also have four nights at the Inn and then on to Scotland too!!


Hey Sarah,[br][br]Welcome to the party I guess. Hope we can all meet up on the 19th before we leave??? Might have to organise a meeting time or something. Only four weeks to go before I leave, woohoo! Was doing some research and just for the guys, you’ll need a jacket and tie for the Monte Carlo Casino. So who is coming white water rafting with me?[br][br]Jules.


hey guys[br][br]I`m 22 from Sydney Aus.Myself and my mate are going on the spirit of europe on the 20th.We are probably going to stay at the globetrotter at the night before.Should meet up with you guys before the tour.[br][br]James


Hi all[br]It’s great that there are a few of us all staying the night prior. Sounds like a plan to meet up prior. I guess there’s no place like the Globetrotter bar??! Looking forward to it, only 3 more weeks![br]Sarah[br]


Hi Guys[br]Great to hear we can all meet up for drinks the night before our tours. I am of course having dilemmas with packing…want to take so much but can fit so little!! I dont know about white water rafting Jules…thats a maybe. Guaranteed though is that it will be hard to drag me out of the coffee shops in Amsterdam! I cant wait for that place! xx( [br]I fly out next Thursday…Counting down now…not many sleeps to go.


Hi Guys,[br][br]I’m 23 from Perth (turn 24 next week). I fly in on th 18th (staying at the Globetrotter), and then after the tour stay at the Globetrotter for 4 days and then up to Edinburgh for the mini break. Sounds like there’s a few of us doing this. Can’t wait to meet you all. It’s gonna be fun. And I’m looking forward to white water rafting too.[br][br]Jen


2 more weeks![br][br]Kellie, it’s great to hear someone else is willing to admit they’ll do some things they probably shouldn’t while their on holidays. Jen66 welcome to the party! White water rafting sounds like a goer if the weather is good, sweet. As for drinks, how does 7/8pm sound on the 19th???[br][br]Julia


Hi all[br][br]7/8pm sounds good on the 19th. I fly out in 2 days, can’t wait. See you all in a couple of weeks. ;)[br]


Sounds great!! I shall see you all at the bar!![br]Kellie


Hi Guys,[br][br]Well I am a kiwi travelling by myself and am counting down the days until the spirit of Europe. I am staying at the Piccadilly Hostel but would be keen to meet up with some of you on the 19th before the trip.[br][br]Can’t wait too meet you all.[br][br]Bron;D[br][br]Hi All, [br][br]I am also travelling by myself and am heading on the Spirit of Europe and would be very keen to meet up with some of the group on the 19th. Looking forward to the trip.


hi, im travelling alone on the spirit of europe depart 20 june. I’ll be staying at the globetrotter from the 17 June. Looking forward to meeting u guys. ::slight_smile:


Ah ha, rightio.[br][br]Spam postings are not cool!!!