Spirit of Europe 2011 (HTCE)



Somebody is going to this trip???

Im thinking to go in May…


Hey, is that the tour leaving on the 17th May? If it is then yes I am on this one!! Excited!! :slight_smile:


im on this trip too!!! leave for the UK in 24 days!! :slight_smile:


Yeh, I leave on Wednesday, can’t wait!! Are you staying at the Clink before the trip starts?


nice! My brother and i are on this tour as well…

not staying @ clink but.


Just 16 days left !!!


yeah im staying at the clink on the 16th of May (night before ) with my best friend :slight_smile:
soooo exicted now ! not long to go.
Whos staying at the clink night before? we dont get back into london till 730pm on the 16th.


I think ill stay at the clink the night before like you


just wondering a couple of things about this trip.

Is all the bedding supplied? I am thinking I should at least take a liner, but wondering if this is warm enough for Lauterbrunnen.

Also, is there any hiking with packs, or is it ok to take a suitcase with wheels?


I am staying at the Clink the night before and after. I am going by myself so will be on my own, does anyone know if we get to meet up on the Monday night?

I am taking a suitcase. I read in the brochure and it said that would be fine.

Not long now :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah

Im staying at the Clink the night before, Im going alone like you… I read Daltzy´s post, she´s staying there as well…
shall we all meet??? It would be nice, I think I will be there at 630pm and you???

I ask to the Topdeck staff about the bag and this was the answer that they gave me:

“We recommend backpack because they are easier to cart around as some of the hotel wonÂ’t have lifts so youÂ’ll need to use stairs and just carrying it to and from the bus. If your happy to do that with a suitcase then thatÂ’s fine”

Im going with a suitcase cuz the bagpack is too heavy for me to carry…



Yeah I would be up for meeting up that night. I will be there 6.30pm. I get into London at 12 so going to hopefully drop my case off at the clink.

I’m taking a case as haven’t bought my back pack from Australia.


Ok Sarah, see you there, my mobile number is +44 7413247195