Spirit of Europe - 20 September 2016



Is anyone doing the Spirit of Europe trip departing on the 20th September 2016 from London? I am booked in for this tour and will be travelling alone. Just wanting to chat to anyone who will be doing this same tour.


Hi Chelsnz, I am booked for this tour and am also travelling on my own. Picking you’re from NZ too? I’m pretty excited and nervous!


OMG I didnt realise this was here! haha I will be doing this one on my own as well :slight_smile:
How long are you guys planning to stay in Europe for?
I will be over until Dec 7…
So nervous and excited as well :smiley:


Hey haven’t checked this for ages! Yep I’m from nz just north of wellington. Where you both from? I now know a couple of mates that have now signed up for this tour as well. I’m staying on to trip around from the end of the tour till 6th November. Have you downloaded the app?


Jumping in on the convo haha… Im on the same tour but leave a month or so before you guys :smiley: Which app is it? :smiley:


Topdeck have an app you can download to your phone. Create your login and then you can see your itinerary and there’s a group chat section and a few other helpful things.


Hey guys!
I’m also coming along on this tour, but I join you on the 28th of September in Rome! I’m also a Solo traveller, looking forward to meeting you all :blush:


Yay awesome this is getting exciting. Where are you from Hannah?


Hi everyone!
I will also be coming on this tour solo! I’ll be starting the tour in London and super excited to meet you all! I’m 19 and from Australia :slight_smile:


Anyone interested in a Facebook group so we can all chat easier?


So exciting! I’m 19 and from Tasmania in Australia.
Ps a Facebook group sound like a great idea


Check this out! Hopefully the link works


Omg this is so exciting finally I have found people on the same tour as me I’m joining in Rome from Australia!!


Hey all! Haha just thought I’d log in and see what was happening and whoa, a few new faces :slight_smile: I am from Taranaki, in the North Island of New Zealand and today I have just booked my flights! I am coming Emirates via Dubai and I’m actually in the process of getting a 2 year Visa, so hoping to stay on a bit after the tour. I have zero plans straight after the tour so anyone else who is kinda in limbo is welcome to join me in winging it haha


Hi Kyle! Im in the process of getting a 2 year Visa, so i’ll be hanging around for a wee while after the tour, i’ll be doing a bit of sightseeing around London after the tour so if you find yourself with nobody to hang out with, come join!


Hey everyone!

I am also solo on this tour as well. My name is Hannah, I am 25 from Sydney. How excited is everyone getting?


Hey! Super excited as each day goes by! If you have yet to join our Facebook group the link is above and come say hi