Spirit of Europe 20 April 2010


Hi All [br][br]Is anyone travelling on the Spirit of Europe Tour leaving on 20 April this year? [br][br]I’m travelling by myself and counting down the days to the tour. It should be a blast![br][br]Cheers[br]Amelia


Hi Amelia,[br]Yeah I’m on this one! Travelling by myself too was hoping to get in touch with some others before heading over. Getting a bit excited 2![br]Feel free to email me ’ kathryn_torney@hotmail.com :)[br][br]Cheers


hello! anna here…i’ll be going on the “western spirit” tour of europe on april 20th. it’s exactly the same route as the spirit of europe but only for 9 days. im thinking i’ll be just joining your trip and then my last stop would be rome. when are you guys arriving in london?



I’m travelling by myself too… Is everyone staying at the clink hostel before we depart? I’m really excited too!!!


i’ll be staying in palmer’s lodge before departure; i arrive london april 17th. are you touring london before hand? stonehenge/bath tour?


I haven’t decided yet but i think i am just going to to london- i’ll prob do bath n stuff before hand. I can’t wait- i’m pretty excited :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I have been speaking with a couple of you. Lundie and I are going to be on this tour and really looking forward to it. Flying in on the 19th staying at the Clink and then off the next morning. We are looking at booking the clink again when we get home for a few nights to go to the theatre and party on a little bit. If you like you can email me or call me laurence.williams@hotmail.com or +61433385107. Really looking forward to meeting new people on the other side of the world!