[color=ff00ff]hI Everyone,
Just wondering if anyone is going on this tour?
I’d love to meet you all…

Kate. xo[/color]


Hey Kate!!

I got sooo excited seeing this pop up! My name is Annmarie :slight_smile:
My best friend Bec and I are doing this tour as well!!
We were originally supposed to be doing the tour that was departing on June 21st, however were notified this had been cancelled!! But we were really lucky and able to swap our departure flight (we are from Perth by the way!) So now all is good :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting you! Its getting closer and closer by the day… are you travelling solo or with friends?



Hey Girls!!!
I was very excited aswel when i saw this!
My cousin and I are doing the same tour :smiley:
Add me on Facebook and we can chat. [ Lisa Nardozza ]
Look forward to meeting you on the tour!!!


Hi, i am also doing this tour! I am traveling solo, and it is my first tour, very excited!



Hi guys!
I’m thinking of doing this tour too!
I’m solo traveling and also from Perth.
is anyone planning on staying at Clink before the tour departs? I might arrive in London a couple days earlier and do some touring around there.


Hey guys,
im locked into this trip as well! From melbourne, im comin over solo from my 1st stop in thailand on the 18th after a full moon party…heres hoping nothing goes wrong!!