Spirit of Europe 19th June 2007


Hello![br][br]Would love to chat with people who will be on this tour this year.[br][br]My partner and I are from Nz and I’m making him travel before we settle down in London to work.[br][br]I am 27 and he is 31 - we are hoping a couple of our other friends are also going to join us.[br][br]I did a 46 day Contiki tour a couple of years ago and got to know a few people before my tour started and found that it was a great way to get to know what kind of tour you are in for.[br][br]Anyway would love to chat - once I hear from you I will pass my email address and we can chat through gmail or something.[br][br]Cheers.[br]Amber (and Russell).[br][br]Cheers[br]Amber.


Hey Amber(and Russell),[br][br]I hope you have a wonderful time on this tour (keep in contact). I might have some hints about what to bring once I have started my tour.[br][br]Hopefully talk again soon,[br][br]Steve :slight_smile:


There must be someone else who is going on this tour? Please would love to hear from you! ambergem142@gmail.com[br][br]Cheers[br]Amber.


Hi Amber and Russell,[br][br]I will be joining your tour in Budapest[br]as I am doing the Budapest to London tour[br](4 - 14 July), which is the last part of [br]the Spirit of Europe tour.[br][br]Previously, I have been on a Contiki tour[br]several years ago which covered Western Europe[br]and now would like to explore Eastern Europe.[br][br]I am from northern NSW, Australia and will be[br]visiting USA (California and New York), Canada [br]and England (Wimbledon) before starting the tour.[br][br]Look foward to catching up more before the tour.[br][br]Cheers,[br]Don.[br]


Hi Don My name is Terry and I have just read on your post that you are going to Wimbledon. Have you already secured tickets or are you just going to line up. I am not on your tour but doing the Grand European on May 22. Our tour finishes in London on May 18 and then do the the Edinburgh mini break for 3 nights starting May 19. I am back at the Globetrotter Inn until the 26th June which is the day after Wimbledon begins. I applied for the national ballet but apparently they lost my application which really p…ed me off. So I will try my luck on Monday the 25th June and hopefully get to see some of the tennis because after all I am a huge tennis fan and it was probably the reason I booked this trip at that time of year. Any info about the tickets would be very much appreciated. Cheers from Terry Sydney Australia.


Whoops make that our tour finishes in London on June 18 - sorry about that.


Hi Terry,[br][br]I have sent you an email (which I hope has worked) to let you know of my plans for Wimbledon. Have also tried to get tickets through a ballot, but should that not be successful, will be lining up for tickets. Also looking to meet up with other interested people who will be lining up.[br][br]Cheers,[br]Don.[br][br][br][br]


Hi Don the ballot closed on the 15th December so if you haven’t heard from them by now I suppose you will be joining the queues.If I can’t get a ticket for the Monday the 25th I will be turning up a few days beforehand and going inside to do a tour without any play on just to say I have been there and travelled all that way. Maybe someone on this site has got some tickets to spare or know of someone that has some. My direct email is terrybailey53@yahoo.com.au . Thanks for responding. Cheers from Terry.