SPIRIT OF EUROPE - 19th July 2011


Ok so it’s just over 3 months until we hit Europe on tour and I am keen to connect with anyone else who is joining the Spirit of Europe tour departing London on 19th July. I’m travelling solo & keen to meet some of my travelling buddies.

Emma :slight_smile:


Hey Emma,

Brenton here, I’ll also be on your tour! I’ll be travelling with a mate from Sydney, but sure I’m also keen to get to know a few travel buddies before we go. We’ll be in London for 7 days before the tour starts if you’re keen for a drink! I’ll send you my email for facebook/msn if you like.

Not long to go now!



Hey Emma & Brenton

I arrive in London on the 12th of July and will be staying with a good friend in Clapham North so just let me know if you are keen to catch up for a drink before the tour to get to know each other.

Quick question, how old is everyone?? I’m 28 but will be turning 29 in August after we get back to London but am young at heart and still love to party.

:slight_smile: Michelle


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Hay guys!! Im booked on this tour as well, im staying at the clink hostel the night before anyone else staying the night before and maybe wanna catch up for a drink? I dont get back into london til that day before we leave. Excited for the trip, im travelling solo as well for this trip!!! :smiley: Cant wait to hear from any of you! Can give you my fb or mobile so anyone can catch up if you want too!! Hope to hear from u all soon. If not will see u guys in like 2 months!!

Tash :-[


Hey Tash!! I’ll be staying at the Clink Hostel the night before too & it would be great to catch up for a drink & chats. Where are you from? Have you been to Europe before? Getting sooo excited for the trip, I leave for London in just 3 wks, woo hoo!!! ;D


Hey everyone,
I will also be joining you on this trip - not long to go now!!! :smiley:
Will also be staying at Clink the night before.
Solo traveller as well, but looking fwd to meeting new people and seeing Europe!



Hi Everyone!

Just thought i’d introduce myself to the few on here - I’m Caoimhe (pronounced key-va).

Myself and 3 of my best friends will be on the trip - we are all 22, irish and can’t wait for a month full of great craic!

We will also be in Clink on the Sunday night and Monday night so drinks would be great to introduce ourselves. Should be able to find me on facebook - Caoimhe Murphy, email is irishsmurf1616@hotmail.co.uk.

Hope to speak to you soon!

Caoimhe :slight_smile: xx


Hey Guys,

I’m travelling solo too and I’m at the Clink hostel on the Monday, so would love to meet up with people on the Mon evening before we go!! I’m 21 but will be 22 when we go!!

My facebook is laurajehawkins@hotmail.co.uk!!

Cant wait to meet everyone!!!

Laura xoxo


Hi Everyone

My facebook is michelle.kidson@me.com if anyone wants to look me up.

:slight_smile: Michelle


Hi All,

Getting a little excited now, not long to go :smiley:

My friend and I will be landing in London on the 12th like Michelle. We’re both 23.

Drinking session at the Clink sounds like a must the night before!

Can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile:


Super jealous! Im doing this tour in September so can not wait! Hope you dont mind me asking you all a question - how much money are you planning on having for each day?


Top Deck recommends at least €50-€60 Euros per day, my sister who has done this trip said that this should be more than enough but I have allocated €75 a day just to be on the safe side.


It depends on how much i drink of it! ;D lol

Everyone getting excited? A week to go!!


hi not long to go - is everyone getting excited?!!!