Is anyone doing the Spirit of Europe tour leaving on April 19th?
Just booked and are so excited!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Jess xx


I will be on the Eastern Spirit in April next year. From what I can tell your tour and mine meet on April 27th and go through to London together. I think it will be day 9 for you, which you should be in Rome on that day. I have been trying to find someone else going on the Eastern Spirit and havent had anyone reply, so it will be good to know someone else from the other part of the trip. Are you just doing that tour? I am doing the 6 day Anzac patrol beforehand.


Hi Aimz39!
Sorry about the delay in getting back to you…

Yes- I will be in Rome on Day 9 of my tour! Didn’t know that our tours will cross paths??? That is great- You will be on majority of my tour then :slight_smile:
I am bringing my hubby along and after the tour we have about 2 and a half weeks which we are planning to spend in Spain & possibly go back to Italy for a bit.
So excited! I am counting down the days!

The Anzac patrol will be amazing!


Hi, I cant wait either. From what I have read our tours meet up and then there is another tour i think that meets us later on as well. I head home straight after this tour finishes. I cant wait to meet you :slight_smile:


I’m doing the Spirit of Europe Tour leaving London on the 19th. I’m arriving in London a few days before!
;D ;D


Hi guys,
my wife, Jess (who started this thread) and I are travelling on this tour too and arriving in London a few days before. Keren are you on fBOOK? If so, look us up, Lee and Jess Wisniewski.
We are pretty excited and look forward to meeting you all in london!!



hey there i a going to be on this tour on the same date. so excited. where are you coming from?


hi there i am doing the same tour and will also be in london from the 17th. i’m going alone so would be nice to know people prior to the tour :slight_smile:


Hi Sylvia,

we will be in London from the 16th…
Travelling from Melbourne.
PM me if you want to have a chat on fbook…


Lee and Jess B-)


Hey hey… I’m Sophie.

I think I’ll be joining you guys during my tour.

From what I can gather, my tour ‘East Meets West’ is pretty much your tour from Budapest onwards, so I’ll be seeing you guys when you arrive there on the 2nd of May… I think?

Anyway, I’m travelling alone… so it would be nice to have some contact before I leave - it may be slightly daunting to meet a large group of people that have already been travelling together for a couple of weeks!

Its coming up SOOOO soon!! so exciting!!!


Hi Guys,

Looking forward to meeting each of you…
Lee & I are arriving in London on the 16Th and starting the tour on the 19Th.

Ker en & Sylvia- will be great to catch up with you before it starts :slight_smile:

Sophie- I think we are in Budapest on May 2ND! Be great to see you and continue our tour with you :slight_smile:

Amy- We will meet up with you in Rome after your AMAZING time on the ANZAC tour! :slight_smile:

How is all the packing/planning going???
SO excited- Only 61 days until we set off to London!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend- looking forward to hearing back from you soon!
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Hey Guys
I will also be on the tour starting the 19th April. I will be in and around London from the 12th April. Really looking forward to meeting new people and seeing new things! I will be a single traveler as well.


SophieH i start the tour in Rome on day 9 of this tour. so i know the feeling of being daunted of meeting everyone that has been together for just over a week. But dont worry I am sure we will be welcomed and made feel part of the group. Cant wait to meet you all. :smiley:


Not long now everyone!!! Yay!!!