Spirit of Europe 18th September


Hi, just wondering if anyone was booking on this trip!
Thanks Kaitlyn


Book for the 7th of August , you get a 10% discount too


Hey Kaitlyn,

I have booked for this trip. I’m Luke from Canberra!. I am also doing Britain and Ireland from 2 Sep - 16 September. I can’t believe it’s almost here. Are you excited?

Talk soon



Hi Luke,

Im very excited, how about you? I’m heading over tomorrow as I am doing a Great Britian and Ireland trip that starts on the 24!

Looking forward to meeting you and our fellow travellors:)


I’ll be there with my girlfriend! Can’t wait. I did a 30 day topdeck in 2005 and loved it. So hopefully I enjoy this just as much!! Really looking forward to Budapest, Prague and Krakow. Eastern Europe rocks!!


Hey hey! I am travelling on this tour too! Meeting up with family from the 10th, then checking into the Clink on the 17th! Is anyone else travelling alone? :slight_smile:


Hi there!

I’m going this trip too and travelling alone. Have been working in Engalnd for the past seven months, looking forward to my holiday before I head home to New Zealand.

Can’t wait to meet everyone and have an awesome time.