Spirit Of Europe 18th October 2011



My name is Fi. Thought I would start a new post for this trip. I’m from Adelaide in South Australia. Currently living in London for the next two years. I am a primary school teacher. Just wondering who was heading out on this trip or doing one of the other trips that links in with this one? I’ll be travelling solo since most of my friends who live here in London have already seen most of Europe and I didn’t want to feel left out.


hey there, are you doing a spirit of Europe tour from the 18th OCt? im doing it from the 4th… are they not the same?


hey! my names kristin and i am from new zealand - in england on a gap year. me and 3 friends who i am gapping with are doing this tour too! the other three are from australia, two from adelaide and one from melbourne. can’t wait!!


I’m not sure. You might be on one of the tours that my links in with. If it is fantastic, if not enjoy the trip.


hey my names rachel, im doing the western spirit tour which i think is just the first 9 days of the the spirit of europe tour, leaving on the 18th :slight_smile: im from australia also and on a gap year! yay im so excited for it!


Hi all,
My name is Dan. I’m from Newcastle, Australia and I’ll be joining you on the “Spirit of Europe”.
Fi, I will also be travelling solo. I have lots of friends who have “been there, done that” so I’m off on my own too. Can’t wait though. I fly into London in 4 weeks time. Two years living in London will be an outstanding experience.
I’ve got nearly four months in Europe to see as much as I can.
Looking forward to meeting you all.


Hi everyone,
I’m currently staying in Lyon, France attempting to learn French for 3 months and will be doing the Oct 18 Spirit tour before I head back home to Melbourne. Looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing some amazing sights.


Hi! Looking forward to meeting you all on October the 18th!
My name is Helen, and I’m also from Newcastle Australia.
I can’t wait to fly out in four weeks time! I’ve never been to Europe before or been part of a travel tour so I am very excited!
See you all then, not long now!


Another Novocastrian? Good to hear. Looking forward to meeting you. I haven’t been to Europe yet either. These four weeks will go fast! I can’t wait!


Hi all, just booked today and im also travelling solo and so looking forward to meeting some new people. Ive never toured Europe, only done short stays in a couple of places so this is going to be a fantastic experience. Looks like im going to be surrounded by Aussies, i’ll have to start getting used to saying no wukkas again :slight_smile: And this time no confussion over thongs ;D



HI everyone,
Im Zoe and im from melbourne. Ive never travelled out of australia before so am pretty excited to see Europe. am travelling on my own, looking forward to the experience and meeting people.



Welcome to the solo travellers group. It’s going to be loads of fun. You’ve never been out of Aus? Brace yourself for the experience of a lifetime. I too am excited about seeing Europe. It’s going to be a blast.



The count down is on people. 26 days to go. I am staying at the Clink Hostel the night before so if anyone is around it would be great to catch up. Probably could of stayed at my place in London but couldn’t be bothered early morning buses and tubes to get myself to the departure point.



Good times ahead! I too am staying at the Clink Hostel the night before and would love to meet up. My travel agent talked me into staying the night there because early morning buses and tubes are never fun. So it seems you made a good decision on staying at your own place. See you at the Clink on the 17th!



Hi guys,
I’m also staying at the Clink Hostel the night before so hopefully we’ll get to meet up beforehand - not that there won’t be plenty of opportunity for chatting once the trip has started!
Have you guys seen the Facebook TopDeck page? There’s a forum running for this trip:

Not long now!!!


Hey Guys,
My name is Sam. I’m from Sydney and I’m doing the Western Spirit tour starting on the 18th so I’ll only be on this one for the first 9 days. I’m travelling solo, arriving in London about a week before the tour and then travelling around Italy and Spain afterwards. I’m on a gap year as well.
So excited!


Hey Dan,

My mobile number is 07542210152. When you are at the hostel send me a text, maybe we can grab dinner and a pint somewhere. This offer is also available anyone else who might be around the Clink hostel at that time.



I’m also staying at that hostel the night before too!


Hey Dan

I think you need put +61 in place of the zero at the front of your mobile number. When you text or call me I think you might need to put the +44 in front of my number. My email address is fprentice14@gmail.com


Hello my name is Jessica I am from New York…i havent traveled outside the U.S. before and traveling solo… i am also stayin at the hostel the night before and the night of the end of the tour