Spirit of Europe 17th June .. anyone?


Hi! Couldn’t find a post for 17th June.
Im travelling solo and was hoping to find a few fellow travellers prior… is there anyone else taking the spirit of Europe departing 17th June?


My friend and I are doing the same tour :slight_smile: Sooo excited!
Are you departing from London also?


**phew! I’m travelling solo, and for a moment there didnt think anyone was going!
Yes, will be departing from London I actually arrive there on the 12th. Are you guys also departing from London and staying at Clinks?


Herro! My boyfriend and I are doing this tour also, but starting in Rome, doing Eastern Spirit. Literally cannot wait! :slight_smile:


Haha yes i’m hoping there’s a couple more ppl on the tour besides us!
Ok cool, youre there a bit earlier than us, but we’re staying at clink too the night before the tour starts. Not long now!
And hi Katie, nice to hear u and ur bf are on the same tour!


Hi, I am from Brisbane and also travelling alone on this tour and staying at the clink in London! I arrive there on the 14th. I’m really excited!
Glad to hear there are others going by themselves too!


Hi, I think im this tour too. I join in Rome on 25th June - does that sound right? am travelling alone also.


Hehe… I don’t know the interinary too well, I’m glad there is a few more of us now…


@Ljb - yes, that’s us too! We join them on their 9th day =]


oh yay - hi Katie,

I’m getting realy excited now, first time i’ve travelled alone. 26 and only bin to oz and raro with friends other than this trip. Am keen to give everything a go and make the most of the experience.

:slight_smile: Linzi


Hi All,

I’ll be travelling solo too! Very nervous and excited, first time travelling alone!

I’ll be kicking off from London, arriving on the 6th June and travelling around England/Scotland pre-tour.



Just received my travel details & info. So excited now, I literally cannot wait! ;D


Hi there!
I’m only doing the western part of this tour. I’ve been looking for ages for other people who are on this trip, but it somehow didn’t occur to me to look under this thread. duh! ;D

Not long now!!! :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone. Just booked the Western Spirit part of this trip starting on June 17th. Traveling solo from the US.