Spirit of Europe 17/6


I’ve just booked the Spirit of Europe tour from the 17th of June to the 10 of July.
I’m going on my own so I just thought I’d see if anyone is joining me on this one.
It would be nice to know a few people before we start.


HEY! I’ve been stalking this forum for ages looking for posts about this tour! My boyfriend and I are joining this tour in Rome (we booked the Eastern Spirit tour which joins). Can’t wait! Only something like 131 days away, less for you! :slight_smile:


Ohh that’s so cool! Yeah I’m going alone so it will be nice to meet a few people beforehand. How long are you on it for?


We meet up with your tour in Rome, then we go on from there, all the way to London! 16 days all up =]


Thinking of travelling on this one!! BUMP :smiley: