Spirit of Europe 16/06/2013


Hey I’m Melissa from Melbourne and just booked this tour so excited and was just seeing if anyone else has booked :slight_smile:


Hi Melissa my names liesl and I’m traveling on the same tour:) yay be good to get to know a couple of peeps before we meet up. I’m from NZ … Not to long to go now ! Are you traveling by yourself?


is this the 24day one… if so i am going in october… are you able to tell me about your travels on your return… the must do’s and see’s… :slight_smile: safe travelling :slight_smile:


Hi liesl yes I’m travelling alone. My first trip to Europe so very excited. Can’t wait to meet lots of different people and see everything!!

And yes Jen ill fill you in :slight_smile:


Hey ya, I’m also booked on this one, from NZ travelling alone, so excited!! I’m going to Melbourne in a couple of weeks too for Soundwave :slight_smile:


Wicked Laura what part of Nz you from I’m in chch traveling over with my best mate :slight_smile:


Hi Melissa, I’m Peter and also booked a ticket for this trip. Me and my cousin are going on this trip.


Sorry Liesl, only just saw this, I live in Hamilton but I have lived in Chch before, really miss the South Island!! 3 more months 3 more months!!!


HI all,

Me and my hubby booked for this one too ;D

Not long now - 12 weeks and counting!!!

Can’t wait to see you all over there!!!



My best friend and I are coming from New Zealand! We are both really excited :slight_smile:



My name is Jade and ill be travelling with my sister. We’re from Perth and we’ve also booked this tour, cannot wait to meet you all. Is anyone staying at the Clink hostel the night before?