Spirit of Europe 14th June - 7th July 2011


Hey guys, just wondering if anyone is doing the Spirit of Europe departing 14th June?

  • Shannen B-)


LOL - i read this and got SO excited, thinking id FINALLY found someone else who was on our tour… but it turns out it’s one of the girls im travelling with.

HEY SHANNEN :slight_smile:


BAHA your too cute :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to admit I got really excited when I saw the reply I thought YES! oh…wait…haha


Hi girls! I’ll be on this tour as well!
I’m traveling on my own and this is my first time touring!!
Talk about super excited!!
I’ll be staying at the clink the night before so let me know if you want to meet up!

  • Ellie ;D


Hey guys,

Im on this tour aswell. Im in a similar boat to ellie, im travelling by myself and never travelled before, cant wait to get it started. Im a Kiwi but living in Oz, well for a couple more weeks anyway. Im staying at Clink78 for a few nights before we head off. Look forward to meeting “the crew”.


how exciting :slight_smile: yeah, we should defs meet up the night before our tour starts.
what are both of your plans for afterwards?

can’t wait to see everyoneee! :smiley:


Yeah meet up for sure :). Well Im still gonna be travelling after the tour for a few months, just backpacking around. The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona starts the day before we finish our tour, so thinkin bout goin down to that. So want to backpack around Spain and Portugal and then get to some of the Baltic countries and the Greek Islands. So hoping to make some travel buddies. Ive got my UK Youth Visa so am gonna be sticking around if I enjoy things. What are your guys plans?


Sadly I’m flying back to OZ on the 9th of July so I plan to explore London a little bit more before I depart for home. But who knows. haha
Can’t wait to meet you all! Counting down the days!!

  • Ellie