Anyone booked on the spirit of europe, leaving on the 14th June?!? ;D ;D


Hi Stacey,

I’m not going on the same tour but my tour also leaves on the 14th of June so I’ll be staying at the Clink Hostel for a few nights before that. Will you be staying at the Clink too?


Hey Sara :slight_smile:

Yeah we will be staying at the Clink on the 13th… My friends and I actually arrive in London on the 10th, but will be staying in a hotel which is part of the chain of hotels I work for, so I get awesome discounts. Would love to meet up for a drink though the night before we go! Which tour are you doing?


Yeah that would be awesome! I arrive in London on the 11th with my brother and a friend (we’ll be 20, 21 and 22) and we’re going on the Classic Europe tour.
Booked the Clink for 3 nights but thinking of possibly staying somewhere else for the first two nights…still undecided, but we’ll definitely be at the Clink the night before the tour.
It’s ages away but I’m so excited about the tour already!


Sounds great! I’ll be over there with 2 other friends too (18, 20 and 20) so its good we’re all around the same age. Yeah, I think staying at the clink is so much easier haha… Not having to worry about trying to find the place after dragging your butt out of bed at 5am lol.
I know! i just really want these next six months to fly past! can’t wait! where abouts in Australia are you from? :slight_smile:


Cool! Yeah I thought the same…didn’t wanna be waking up early and have to worry about getting to the Clink on time. I hope my tour gets changed to guaranteed departure soon, it’s only available at the moment!

I’m from Perth :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah exactly haha. oh really? id be so worried about it haha my tour is guaranteed departure, pretty much why we chose the date lol. aw cool :slight_smile: im from canberra… opposite side of the country! haha


Yeah I should’ve thought about that. Oh well, fingers crossed!
Get in touch again closer to the day and we can all meet up for a drink :slight_smile: Are you on Facebook?


Hey guys,

Just letting you know that there is plenty of time before the Spirit of Europe 14/6 leaves - we’re just waiting for a few more passengers to book before we can change it to a ‘guaranteed departure’. As this trip is running during our peak season, it’s quite likely fill up quickly!


i sent you my facebook in a private msg :slight_smile:


Thanks Admin - did you mean Classic Europe 14/6 since Spirit of Europe 14/6 is already guaranteed departure?

Stacey - Replied ;D


Sorry, my mistake :slight_smile: the Classic Europe that is!