Spirit of Europe- 14th August 2018


Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to see if anyone is booked on this tour starting 14th August in London??
Is anyone spending a few days in London before it starts



I’m booked for this starting the 28th August BUT I’ve booked to get a day in london before the trip starts, so i can get myself settled in and ready for the early start - if that helps! They book you in to stay at the same place that the trip starts as well so you dont have to travel to a different accom.

I havent seen much about this trip in August, wish there was more info!


Thanks Shannan.
I have also booked for a couple of days before the tour to settle in and get around a bit before we start.
Yeah not much info… maybe we are a little too excited :slight_smile:


Hi Marianne,
I have book this tour with my partner and a friend and we are spending 3 night in London before the tour starts at the Generator Hostel in London and this is the place we all meet to start our tour.
Also we thought it was a good idea to spend 3 night in London before the tour starts so we can explore and get settled as I was told by my travel agent that we leave London in the morning and go straight to Paris.
Kearie :slight_smile:


Hi Kearie,

Its so good to hear from someone else on the trip! Are you from melbourne?
I will be in london for about a day and half before we start the tour. I have booked a couple of nights in soho because its close to all the tourist stuff but i am thinking i might just cancel and stay at the generator because of the early start. I will also be staying in london for a day and bit once the tour ends.
Are you using the app?


Yes it is great! no I am from Mount Gambier SA.
That sounds great I look on where the Generator is located and I think it is in a prime position. Sounds great we are finishing up in Amsterdam and flying down to the Greek Islands.
Yes I have just downloaded it :slight_smile:


Oh ok sounds good :slight_smile:
Once the tour ends i will be flying to Dubai for about a week to relax before heading home.
This is my first tour, i usually travel with friends/family and organize everything myself… not sure how i will cope with these early starts :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds amazing!
It’s my first tour too and i usually just travel with my partner :slightly_smiling_face: ha ha yes but im sure we can have naps on the bus.
So lucky Dubai is on my list of places to go.


Haha yes i have heard the bus rides are used for sleeping!
This will be the 2nd time to Dubai, the first was a stop over for only a day! My cousin lives there so i will spend half the time in a resort trying to recover and then a few days hanging out with her.
I haven’t done the Greek islands yet… hopefully next year :slight_smile: