Spirit of Europe - 13th September


Hey,[br][br]My friend and I have both signed up to do the above tour, we would love to hear from anyone who has done the Spirit of Europe tour or is joinng us on the one that leaves on Sept 13th.[br][br]Actually any information about what we can expect would be great.[br][br]Thanks[br][br]Anne [8]


[8] Im going!!! with you!!![8]


Hi [br]My name is Katherine and i will be joining you on the sept 13 spirit of europe tour. Very excited and also keen to hear from any one who has been on the above tour as i am traveling alone and would love to know what to expect.[br]cheers [br]kat


Hi Katherine,[br][br]Yay - I am so glad someone (other than my friend who I already knew was going on the tour) replied.[br][br]Where abouts in Australia are you from? [br][br]


good to know that there is atleast 3 people going our tour


hi Anne and Tara [br]so its just the 3 of us on this tour should be interesting. [br]i’m from the sunshine coast in queensland. where in NZ r u ? [br]


Hi Kat[br][br]We are from Auckland.[br][br]Lets hope there are a couple more people - then again, that would mean we had the whole coach to ourselves :)[br][br]What part of the tour are looking forward to most? I am pretty excited about Italy … actually I am excited about the whole thing. Have you done anything like this before? The only place other than NZ that I have been is Austrialia - this is a big step for me, I am so excited.


when are you heading over to london kat? we are flying over in about 14days… not that im counting


hey girls, [br]i have never done anything this big b4 myself. very excited about the whole thing i never planned for the trip just walked in and booked after breaking up with my bf. until now have been bit worried bout the tour and what the group will be like. i’m heading over in 17 days trying so hard not to count. [br]how old are you? i will be 23 on the 11th just b4 tour never had a bday away from home![br]


Hi,[br][br]We are both 20 … turning 21 later in the year. Do you know many people in London? I’m not sure how hectic your schedule is but if you wanted to we could probably meet up before we actually start the tour - help you celebrate. I am actually returning home 3 days before my birthday … I didn’t think I could handle not being with family on my 21st (and my parents pretty much told me I had to be home for it).


wow a birthday away from home - travelling europe is a pretty sweet way to mark the occasion!!!:-/


hi [br]i only know one person that lives in england who i think i am stayiny with the week b4 the tour. not sure what my schedule is but thanks for the offer to help celebrate. 21st yeh you need to celebrate that with the family and friends .[br]where are you staying b4 the tour [br]


Hey,[br][br]Our friend from school is letting us crash at her place which should be good. I’m not positive where her place is but it sounds like she is moving just as we arrive anyway.[br][br]Have you had any info on where we meet up before the tour or anything?


:)hi, [br]no i haven’t recieved any info yet i should be picking it up on monday or tues.[br]more people should use this forum… its very easy!i’d love to speak to someone who had been i a tour


we are supposed to be getting our info and tickets this week - fingers crossed ive been into the other forums and read about other tours that people have been on and the feedback so far is all good - but im with you - i wouldnt mind hearing about this tour.


Hey Peoples![br]There’s 2 more of us joining you on the 13th of September. We’re both from Auckland, NZ and we’re so excited! Not long now. We actually start making our way over on the 31st August via the US.[br]We will see you all soon!!![br]Can’t wait![br]Katie


hi katie, can’t wait to meet you and your friend. enjoy the beginging of your trip see you on the 13th![br]i’m so excited a week to go for me till i leave! [br]where is every one staying the night b4 tour? i’m yet to organise. [br]if i don’t get back on here since there is so much for me to do this week see you all on the 13th. happy traveling!


Hello,[br][br]Tara and I have just booked to stay the night of the 12th at the wake up hostel where we all have to meet for the tour … we figured this meant we could sleep longer, 6:30 check in … thats so early![br][br]Yay, not long to go now![br][br]See you on the 13th.


hi all, hows the packing going ?[br]what sort of luggage r you taking? i only have a suitcase but the info says a soft bag or backpack? [br]now i wish i had a friend coming with me.


Hi girls,[br][br]Sounds like you will have a great trip and i am looking to do Egypt next Sept and would like to know how Topdeck end up being and if you all would like to travel next year?[br][br]Let me know your thoughts8-)[br][br]Gee