Spirit of Europe 13th Sept 2011


who’s on this tour???

I am!



A friend and I are doing this tour!

We just went in and paid the deposit today!!!

Very excited - its going to be amazing!


A friend and I just booked it today!!

Whoo so excited!!


I am going on this tour :slight_smile: Can’t wait!!! B-)


I am :slight_smile: Excited as!!


Thanks for all the posts! So good to see everyone else is as excited as me!
It will be myself and my boy Joel, we are from Syd.
anyone been to europe before?


;D Hi Guys… I’ll be doing this tour solo… I can’t wait… I’ve been to Holland before and I will be spending some time there (visiting some family) prior to Sept 13 but it’ll be good to do it as part of tour.

Does anyone know what we should pack? I imagine it will be cold in some parts of Europe in Sept.


Hi everyone, I have just booked this tour and got a really good deal (thanks to a very informative February early birds email ;)).

I’ll be in Europe for 2 months - Sept and October. I have been to Europe twice before but have bearly seen any of it yet!

Can’t wait 6 more months. What is everyone elses plans? I’m also doing Greek Island hopping and will be spending time with family in England and hopefully seeing a bit of Wales, Scotland and some friends in the south of England. 2 months is so not long enough!

Hi Irene, I’ve just been trying to figure out how cold it will be while we are there, aparently in Germany during Sept and October it usually doesn’t get over 20 degrees. I’m from QLD so that is about as cold as it ever gets here. Think I will be packing some layers!


Yes, layers sounds good. I don’t really want to cart around a big massive jacket if I don’t need to.

Since I live in my jeans and t-shirts anyway, I cant imagine it being too much of an issue.

I’m also thinking of checking out Barcelona before I join the tour in London.

At this time I haven’t really made any concrete plans. I guess I’ll see how I go after Holland.

I’m hoping that there will be more people replying to this post, it would be nice to know the different types of people going on this tour.


I’m so excited - so happy to see that there are a few others going on this trip as well! I have never been overseas before (apart from Aussie as I’m a Kiwi) Hopefully there will be a few more Kiwi’s on the trip and we wont be out numbered by Aussies haha!

Cant wait to meet you all!



Hello Everyone

I think I’m on this tour as well! Although I’m joining up with you all in Rome. (I’m doing the Eastern Spirit tour - That finishes in London on the 6th of October).

Can’t wait!

Looking forward to meeting you all in September.

P.S. What are everyone’s plans?


My friend and I (Cat D who posted above) are leaving NZ on the 10/09/11 and get into London on the 10/09/11 we then have a few days to bum around until the 13th. Tour will finish on the 06/10/11 and we have like a week in London before we head home.

Any recommendations on what to do in London from you seasoned travellers would be awesome!


Hi ihavetravelbug and Cat D.

I also have a week in London after the tour to check out London and the surrounds.

Any advice from other travellers is welcomed!


There is so much stuff to see in London you will run out of time (and prob money…everything is so expensive!!)

Best thing I ever did in London is saw a west end show at her majestys


…theatre. Also they do some wicked day tours. There is one that goes to Windsor castle, Stonehenge and bath. Is run by this company called evans Evans.

Hope that helps :smiley:


Hey Jeff

Where abouts are you staying in London after your tour?


Hey Everyone!

My Friend and I are also doing spirit of Europe on September 13th… Can’t wait! What’s everyone’s plans after the tour?


Woohoo it’s so nice to see more posts on here yay!!! I am on the count down already, can’t wait to meet you all :smiley:


Hi everyone. I got my documentation today! Optional excursions look good!

Does anyone know if we need to take a sleeping bag??? I don’t want to carry it if i don’t have to! It’s not really clear from the pre-departure information.
Is everyone staying at Clink’s the night before? Drinks on the cards i think?

Whos in?



Yay exciting! I’m still waiting for my information which is driving me crazy!

Dont think we need to take a sleeping bag which is awesome!

Cat and I will be at the Clink from the 10/09/11 - think pre drinks before the trip is definitley on the cards!