Spirit of Europe 13th June - 6th July 2017


Hiya, I’m Taylor! My friend Rose and I are booked for the Spirit of Europe starting on the 13th June in London through to the 6th July 2017. We are both 24 & from Auckland, NZ. Just wanting to see who else is amongst the group we will be travelling with! Looking forward to meeting you all! :smile:


Hey do you now if yours meets up with the mega European we start at London too


Hiya Sarah, sorry I’m not aware that we do! Does your tour start on the same day?


Hey Taylor and Rose!

I’m hoping to go on the Spirit of Europe on June 13th (just depending on whether or not I can change my return flights fingers crossed). I’m 21 from Queensland, Australia, and this’ll be my first trip by myself, so I’m pretty keen on getting to know fellow travellers.

Looking forward to hopefully meeting you both!


Hey I’m Brodie. I have booked this trip and travelling solo from Taranaki, New Zealand


Hey Kate! How exciting! Hopefully you can change your return flights and we will see you June 13th :slight_smile:


Hey Brodie, awesome - another kiwi! Looking forward to meeting you! :slight_smile:


Hi there!! I’m Abi from Sydney, Australia! I’m travelling solo and I’ll be starting the tour in Paris - anyone else starting from Paris? :slight_smile:


you do a guided tour or by yourselves?


It is guided :slight_smile:


Awesome! Looking forward to meeting you in Paris! :slight_smile:


Hey Taylor!
I’m Loren, my friend Ashleigh and I will be on this one too! We’re also both 24 but from Hamilton :grinning: Look forward to meeting you and Rose! :slight_smile:


Hi Loren, sounds awesome. More kiwi’s :slight_smile: Look forward to meeting you & Ashleigh! You staying at Wombats the night before the tour starts?


Yeah we are! We leave Auckland on 10th June then have a couple days in Dubai then stay at Wombats the night before. What about you guys?


Cool! We fly out on the 3rd June to Barcelona, in London from the 9th June and stay at Wombats the night before! Will have to catch you guys for a drink or something that night before our tour starts :slight_smile:


Wicked! Absolutely, we will totally be down for that!! :blush:


Looking forward to it !


Hey guys,
My name is Hope, I’m 27 and I’m a New-Zealander living in Australia. I just booked the 24 Day Spirit of Europe Trip and I’m travelling on my own. Thought I’d see who else is going on this trip. Nice to meet you all.


Excited to meet you Hope!


We should add each other on Facebook before the tour starts so we all know some people!