Spirit of Europe 13/09/11 Anne Frank Huis



Anyone doing this tour who is keen on going to the Anne Frank Huis in Amsterdam - or anyone who is already booked their tickets for this?



Hi there

I am doing this tour - I live in South Auckland. I would be keen on going to this but haven’t booked a ticket for it. I would think you would be able to book it when you get there?

The only things that I have pre booked is to go to the Spanish Riding School when in Vienna and just some stuff I want to do in London before the tour starts.

Not long to go now : - ) Are you staying at clink hostel before the tour?


Hey Wendy!

You can book tickets for Anne Frank house online but they dont have the dates up for when we are in Amsterdam. They also do it based on different time slots so it might just be easier to queue for a bit and then get tickets!

Yup staying at the Clink the 3 days before the trip