Spirit Of Europe - 12th May 2009 + UK & Dubai


Hi Fellow Topdeckers,[br][br]I was wondering if anyone out there is considering or doing the “Spirit Of Europe” tour that is scheduled for the 12th May 2009 departure.[br][br]I am doing this tour myself and going on my own. The tour leave on a Tuesday and I’ll be goetting into London on the 10th and staying at the Globtrotters Inn for the first 2 nights from where this tour kicks off on the 12th.[br][br]The tour finish back at the Globtrotters Inn on Thursday 4th June and I will be staying at the Globtrotters in from the 4th to Wednesday 10th before flying out to Dubai where I’ll spend 3 night in Dubai before being back home in Sydney Australia on Monday 15th June 2009.[br][br]I was wondering if there is anyone out there doing this trip or if your in Australia and are wanting to do tour but not wanting to go on your own or just wanting to sort of get to know a fellow traveller that will be on the same tour.[br][br]This is the first time I’ve been overseas on my own, so I am a little scared, nervous and excited. Would be good to get to know of other people doing this trip on the 12th or someone that wants to join me in my whole trip and so for.[br][br]Let me know if your considering doing this trip or are going. Would love to hear from you all.[br][br]Easy going guy…[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Craig