Spirit of Europe 12 October 2010


Just seeing who else is on the Spirit of Europe tour starting 12 October till 4 November??

Looking forward to it!


Hey Rachel,

I’m booked on your trip but I don’t join the tour until Oct 25 in Budapest for the final half. Is it your first time to Europe? It’s mine. I’m spending two weeks in London and Edinburgh before flying to Budapest. I would have loved to have done the entire trip, but unfortunately getting enough time off work was a problem.
I can’t wait and it’s not far away now!


I’m heading on the trip from Oct 12, meeting up with the tour in Paris. There is a big group of us… 9 (most of us are nurses) of us I think. Looking forward to it! Only three weeks now. I didn’t know that you could join the tour halfway through, thats cool. Are you guys travelling with many people?


Awesome, should be a good trip! im a solo traveller so it will be good to meet new people!


I forgot to say, yes this is my first time in Europe. Im actually here already in Italy!


Hey guys,

I’ll be travelling solo. I did a trip from Vietnam through Cambodia to Bangkok last year and one of the best parts was meeting heaps of interesting people, so looking forward to that again.
A group of nine nurses! That should certainly makes the tour interesting haha.